Video Conference Tool UCL Multimedia

VIC Features

The UCL Multimedia and Networking group have made the following additions/changes - see the latest CHANGES file in the download section for more infomation.

  • Added Layered video support and pvh codec from MASH Project
  • Added support for IPv6 under WIN32 and UNIX based upon UCLA's implementation.
  • Moved vic to use UCL's tcl/tk libraries to remove problems to due to the multitude of different versions of tcl/tk installed on target machines.
  • Moved vic to use UCL's common library to keep up with developments of crypto code and Mbus code used by UCL's other applications.
  • Improved capturing on Windows
  • Display performance problems fixed on Windows
  • Added capture support for Linux using Video4Linux
  • Support for SunVideo Plus capture card from Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg (FAU)
  • X11 screen capture
  • H263 codec from Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg (FAU)
  • H263+ codec from TU Berlin, derived from UBC SPM G group's H.263+ implementation
  • Software JPEG and BVC encoding from MASH P roject
  • Raw YUV packetiser/codec
  • Support for hardware H.261 encoding from FAU
  • Audio/Video syncronisation with RAT3.2
  • Alternative interface for use with the ReLaTe integrated interface
  • Assorted fixes from the MASH project and Bill Fenner