Sdr Plug-In Modules

Sdr can be configured to support new tools by means of plug-in modules which define the media, protocol and formats supported by a tool, along with long-form names for these formats and the flags that are needed to start up the tool.

Sdr will read files in "/usr/local/etc/sdr/plugins" and "~/.sdr/plugins" and will search for files whose name begins "sdr2.plugin.". The naming convention for plugins is "" where for convenience, format is often wildcarded when the plugin file contains many formats.

New media can also defined in this manner but this should not be done without prior discussion on the mailing list "" to avoid undesirable proliferation of media definitions for what really should be protocols or formats.

Sdr has built in definitions for the following:

If you wish to add new protocols,formats or tools you'll need to create an appropriate sdr plugin and distribute it to anyone you wish to participate in your session.

Further information

For further information on plugins, see: