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Session Directory Tool

SDR is a session directory tool designed to allow the advertisement and joining of multicast conferences on the Mbone. It was originally modelled on sd written by Van Jacobson at LBNL, but implements a later version of the session description protocol than sd does.

SDR was originally written under the MICE and MERCI projects at UCL by Mark Handley who now works for ISI. SDR will continue to be maintained on a limited basis as part of the infrastructure for conferencing on the CAIRN testbed network and the EC MECCANO project. Many many fixes and improvements to SDR have been contributed by Bill Fenner and Van Jacobson. Security features were implemented by Edmund Whelan and Goli Montasser-Kohsari at UCL.

Security Alert

A serious security problem was discovered in SDR which allowed users to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the sdr user. This problem existed in all recent versions of sdr and affected both unix and windows versions.

You should not use any version of SDR earlier than version 2.7.

More details can be found here.