Robust Audio Tool UCL Multimedia


The RAT project is no longer funded, it is largely maintained on a volenteer basis. If this software proves useful to your R&D activities, we welcome donations of hardware (especially soundcards and machines), software donations, or accounts on remote machines for traffic monitoring and testing purposes. Please if you are considering a donation.

The RAT project was funded by the EPSRC under the Multimedia and Networked Applications Programme, British Telecommunications plc, and the European Commission (Telematics Applications Programme, Research Sector, 1996-98 Projects, Project 1007). It has benefited from hardware donations by Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, and software donations by Microsoft.

Portions of the application have been developed under other projects. The 3D rendering support and lip synchronization in versions 3.2 onwards was contributed by the MEDAL project, and layered audio support was contributed by the JAVIC project.