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There are two RAT branches: the toll quality version and the high quality audio version. Both are available for download from this page.

For developers, researchers, and people interested in trying something new we recommend the latest high quality audio version. This is the version that supports multiple sampling rates, multiple channels, 3d rendering, etc. It is less stable than the toll quality releases, but does much more, is better organized, and is generally cleaner (it does have some pretty dark places though :-). The license for this version is open source. This code is no longer under active development, and we provide only limited support.

The toll quality version has been very stable, but showing signs of bit-rot. This code is no longer worked upon and we do not provide support for this version.

Source code for all versions and the current development version are available by anonymous CVS.

High Quality Audio Release

Version: 4.2.25 Documents: Modifications Readme
Release Date: 12th January 2004 Source Code: zip (win32) tgz (unix)

Build Platform Build Date Release Version
Linux Redhat 7.2 8th April 2003 IPv4 4.2.23
Solaris 8 7th April 2003 IPv4 4.2.23
Windows 98 7th April 2003 IPv4 4.2.23
FreeBSD 4.5 8th April 2003 IPv4/6 4.2.23
Windows 2000 (IPv6 for Win2k, XP) 10th September 2003 IPv6 4.2.24
Solaris 8 8th April 2003 IPv6 4.2.23
Linux Redhat 8.0 (Binary RPM) 11th September 2003 IPv6 4.2.24
Linux Redhat 7.2 (Source RPM) 11th September 2003 IPv6 4.2.24

Toll Quality Audio Release

Release Date Source Code Solaris SunOS4 Irix 6.2 Linux FreeBSD Windows NetBSD
September 1999 3.0.35 3.0.35 3.0.34 3.0.35 3.0.33 3.0.34 3.0.35 3.0.28