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Multicast MultiMedia Conference Recorder (MMCR)


This page is here to answer frequently asked questions about MMCR. Before asking a question please make sure you read the ReadMe document.

When asking questions please tell us:

  1. which version of MMCR you are using
  2. which version of Java you are using
  3. your Operating System
The more information you furnish, the more likely we are to be able to assist you.

Source Code

Where can I obtain the MMCR source code ?

The MMCR source code is not publicly available. It is made available on a per request basis. If you are interested in the source code please send an email.

Can i record and play back whiteboard and nte data ?

Yes, whiteboard and nte data is supported and appropriately dealt with. Choose the 'ShW' (shared workspace) data type when recording data from these type of tools.

Can i record and play back encrypted data ?

Recording and play-back of encrypted data is supported. Data originating from the RTPv2 tools (e.g. vic, rat, vat, freephone) should be recorded as 'encrypt' (by selecting the 'encrypt' data type). Shared workspace data should be recorded as explained in the previous answer. To be able to view the encrypted data during playback, you must provide the conferencing tools with the encryption key used when the original conference took place.

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