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Mbone Conferencing Applications

This page provides details of the software produced and/or recommended by the UCL Networked Multimedia Research Group. In the table below, select the tool name to view the appropriate webpage for downloading the application, user guides, installation instructions, source code, email addresses for bug reports etc.


The Mbone conferencing applications archive which appears here was funded by EPSRC, EC and DARPA grants which have now concluded. We are actively seeking renewed funding for this activity, and regret that we cannot guarantee this service at present.

Please read the article on how to report bugs before submitting a bug report.

Multimedia Applications

If you are new to multimedia conferencing, we recommend that you download rat (audio), vic (video), nte (shared text editing) and either wb or wbd (shared whiteboard, wb is preferred if it is available for your system). Conference Sessions can then be accessed either using SDR or from the UCL Secure Conference Store.

Webpage Version Solaris SunOS Irix Linux FreeBSD Windows IPv6 Guides Source CVS
Robust Audio Tool RAT v4.2.26
Video Conference VIC v2.8ucl1.1.6
WhiteBoarD WBD v1.0ucl4
Network Text Editor NTE v2.3
Session Directory SDR v3.0

Conferencing Applications

In addition to the main multimedia conferencing applications, there are a number of developments which are not necessary for conferencing but may be useful.

Webpage Version Solaris SunOS Irix Linux FreeBSD Windows IPv6 Guides Source CVS
WhiteBoard WB v1.6.0
SDP Parser SPAR v1.2
ReLaTe Integrated Interface ReLaTe v2.1
Multimedia Conference Recorder MMCR-cli v1.1
Multimedia Conference Recorder MMCR-svr v1.1
UCL Transcoding Gateway Client UTG-cli v1.3
UCL Transcoding Gateway Server UTG-svr v1.3
Transcoding Active Gateway TAG v1.4
RTP Quality Matrix RTP-QM v1.0.2
TCL Library TCL v8.0.3ucl8
TK Library
TK v8.0.3ucl8
Common Multimedia Library Common v1.2.16
RTPdump crtpdump v2.0.3

Matrix key

Full tool name - move mouse over icon to display full tool name
SolarisSun Solaris v2.8
SunOSSun OS v4
IrixSilicon Graphics Indy Irix v6.2
LinuxLinux v2.2.19/Redhat v5.2
FreeBSDFreeBSD v3.4
WindowsWindows 95/98/NT4/2000
IPv6IPv6 compatible - more information in the IPv6 FAQ
GuidesDocumentation in Word and PDF formats - available from the Documentation webpage
SourceSource code
CVSCVS access - more information on the CVS webpage

since 23 July 2001.