Guides to using the VideoConferencing Tools
MBone tools
Guides for using and installing the MBone tools are available from the links below. All the main project activities will be conducted remotely via the MBone, a multicast enabled network service provided by JANET. For more information about the MBone, visit this link. 
H.323 Tools
Other activities will involve the use of H.323 based tools. Links to documentation and help pages for these tools are also available below.
MBone VideoConferencing - Shrimp tools
- Information about the individual tools is available from the following links. This includes implementations on all platforms:-






- Each of these links gives access to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for the individual tools. Please consult this page initially before contacting the project technical mailing list with questions. In the case of the audio and video tools, the FAQs give information on the latest compatible sound and video cards for PCs and other platforms.

- Userguides giving information on the installation and operation of the latest versions of the Shrimp tools are available from this link. 

- Troubleshooting guides are also available for these tools from this link. 

- Any further problems with which these documents do not assist, please email the project technical mailing list:- stating the exact problems you are experiencing and the processes you have gone through to find a solution.

H.323 tools
- Many of the tools used in the project are commercially produced software or hardware. Please initially consult the documentation produced by the manufacturers. Frequently they will also provide an online source of information for troubleshooting and installation queries. If this proves to be unsuccessful, e-mail the project technical mailing list:- stating the problem and giving details of the exact product specifications. 
- Additional information about selecting H.323 products for VideoConferencing is available through the resulting deliverable documents of the ALAVIT project. Project members, please enter the Private area for copies of the latest documentation.



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