Timescales for Project Deliverables

Task Date Responsibility
Project start 15/12/98 All
Network Group Meeting TBD NG
Agree structure of D1 16/12/98 JC/HH
Draft of D1 13/1 JC
Submission of D1 to UKERNA 20/1 JC
Agree structure of D2 20/1 JC/HH
Draft of D2 5/2 JC
Submission of D2 to UKERNA 17/2 JC
Agree structure of D3, all parts 14/4 DAP/HH
Draft of D3 part1 5/5 DAP
Submit D3 part1 to UCL 10/5 DAP
Draft of D3 part2 12/5 DAP
Submit D3 part2 to UCL 17/5 DAP
Draft of D3 part3 19/5 DAP
Submit D3 part3 to UCL 24/5 DAP
Submission of D3 to UKERNA 26/5 JC
Agree structure of D4 26/5 RH-J/HH
Draft of D4 16/6 RH-J
Submit D4 to UCL 25/6 RH-J
Submission of D4 to UKERNA 30/6 JC
Agree structure of D5 30/6 CSP/HH
Draft of D5 21/7 CSP
Submission of D5 to UKERNA 28/7 CSP/JC
Agree structure of D6 18/8 JM/HH
Agree structure of D7 23/8 JC/MAS/HH
Draft of D6 8/9 JM
Draft of D7 15/9 JC/MAS
Submit D6 to UCL 15/9 JM
Submission of D6 to UKERNA 22/9 JC
Submission of D7 to UKERNA 27/9 JC/MAS
Project completion 30/10 All

Last Updated on 26/4/98
By Julian Chesterfield

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