Structured Activities
  Activity Date of Commencement Date of Completion sites involved sessions per week
Structured Teaching        
  Computer Networking Course Week beginning 11/1 Course finished - 26/3 UCL - Westminster 1 per week
  Insurrect Medical Teaching Negotiations Continuing - Expected start May '99   UCL - Manchester - Edinburgh 2 - 4 per month
  Italian  Week beginning 11/1   Aber - Exeter - (UCL - Manchester) 1
  English as a Foreign Language Late summer (1999) until mid september Exeter - UCL - (Manchester)  
  East European Languages  Began 19/11   SSEES - Essex 1
  Mediaeval French     Aber - Exeter  
  Sociology lectures  Began 15/10 18/3/98 SSEES - Essex 1
  Film studies More enquiries?.   Essex - UCL - (Aber - Exeter)  
  Finesse Jan-99 May-99 Dundee - St. Andrews  
  Data Archive studies May-99    Essex - Birmingham  
  Mantchi     Glasgow Caledonian - Glasgow University  
  Mediate     Birmingham - De Montfort  
  History of Art Sessions on Renaissance Art     Exeter - Aber  
  Business Game - Action Learning Technique Friday 4th June  one session  Westminster - UCL - Glasgow 
Structured Research        
Particle Physics Remote Research Researcher communication details to follow in early january?.   Glasgow University - Manchester - UCL 1 session every 2 weeks
Particle Physics ATLAS L2 Trigger Technical and Management meetings details to follow in early january?.   Manchester - UCL 1 per month
Particle Physics PPNCG meetings details to follow in early january?.   Glasgow University - Manchester - UCL 1 session every 2 months
  Finesse project meetings Jan-99 May-99 St Andrews - Dundee 1-4 per month
  ETNA project meetings  Began 7/12/98 continue until end of 2 year project Glasgow University - UCL 1 session every 2 weeks
  Essex Data Archive Collaboration details to follow in early january?.   Essex  
  Neat Ongoing   Aber - (Glasgow University)  
Administrative Activities        
Essex project management TUUV EPSRC-funded Computer Science project Project already started   Essex  
Pan European Institute research with two Ukrainian Universities Details as yet unsure, dependent on bandwidth improvements to Ukraine      
  PIPVIC2 project Administrative Activities January October All 1
  Viscount  Julian Newman to provide details?   Glasgow Caledonian  
  External Examiner Meetings Details to follow?   Exeter - Aber  

Last Updated on 2/6/98
By Julian Chesterfield

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