PIPVIC - Workshop for Tutors

Thursday 22 January 1998
12.00 - 17.00

Room 214 Pearson Building
Dept of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

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This workshop is an introductory workshop for tutors interested in giving remote courses via videoconferencing as part of the PIPVIC project


12.00    Lunch

12.30    Welcome and introduction to the project (MAS)

12.40    Initial concerns - Group discussion (DH)
            Click here for questions 
13.15    Introduction to workstations and videoconferencing tools (LC and MAS)

14.00    Experiences with using videoconferencing for language teaching (MGN)
            Click here for overview of talk 

14.30    Experiences with using videoconferencing for tutorials and peer interactions (DH)
            Click here for overview of talk 

15.00    Coffee and Q&A

15.30    A guide to using this technology for remote tutorials and lectures (LC and MAS)
            Will cover topics such as audio and video quality, numbers of students per session,       preparation of    materiels, etc.)
            Click here for overview of talk 

16.15    Q &A (All)
            Discussion: initial concerns revisited (DH)

17.00    Close

Tutors attending from remote sites should do swap around the two first items on the program (after lunch), so the introduction to workstations and videoconferencing will be at 12.30 and the initial concerns will be at 13.15.

Background Reading

ReLaTe project website

Paper by Jane Huges and Angela Sasse (1997) (PostScript)

Paper by David Hearnshaw (1997) (htm)

Introduction to multicast conferencing (html)

PIPVIC Multicast Addresses

We are hoping to multicast the workshop on the following addresses:
Sdr session "PIPVIC (Private)" or


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