Seminar from UCL - Anne Adams (Department of Computer Science UCL)

Thursday 28 May 1998


User perception of privacy in multimedia communication


Perceived infringements of privacy can cause users to reject potentially
useful technology.  This problem has, until now, mainly been dealt with by
offering users mechanisms to protect their information through passwords and
encryption.  Recent research, however, has revealed the limitations of such
technical mechanisms for addressing what is, ultimately, a social problem.
The aim of the research presented in this seminar is to identify the impact
that users' perception of privacy has on their attitude to, and behaviour
within, multimedia communication environments.  Quantitative and qualitative
data obtained from users of a number of multimedia communication systems have
helped us to identify a number of factors which impact users' perception, and
how they may influence user attitude and behaviour.  These finding provide
pointers for future technical developments, as well as (organisational)
policies required to prevent invasions of privacy.

This session will be broadcast on the UK Mbone as a part of the PIPVIC Multimedia Videoconferencing Project.
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