Shrimp Multicast Tools

The multicast tools which we use in the PIPVIC project are the Shrimp tools: The tools are available on the following platforms. Please select the platform you require:-

Using PCs

See Rat's FAQ page for recommened audio cards for PCs
Recommended hardware specifications

User Documentation

DRAFT versions of user documentation for the tools is now available in rtf for the following platforms: Please send any comments you may have about the user documentation here.

Tips on how to use the tools

To be expanded... suggestions are welcome.
The draft user documentation above contain trouble shooting tips.


Guidelines for preparing material for importing into wb


There is no word wrapping in nte, so make sure that text files have a maximum of 60 character per line before imporing them into nte.

PIPVIC Multicast Addresses

Sdr session "PIPVIC (Private)" or


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