Minutes from PIPVIC Videoconference 09/01/98 10.00-11.00


Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)

Kristian Hasler, UCL (KH)

Louise Clark, UCL (LC)

John Buckett, Exeter (JB)

David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)

Paul Hogan, UCL Language Centre (PH)

David Price, Aber (DP)

Colin Perkins, UCL (csp)

Richard Gamble, Essex (RG)

Angela Sasse, UCL (AS)


Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)

Leslie Pitman, SSEES (LP)

1. Connection and tool check

All sites attending, SSEES (waiting for PCs) + UCL Language Center attending at UCL.

2. Contract update

New contract needed, as figures didn't add up in the old one.

UCL is presently waiting for the new one. Subcontracts have been drafted.

Expected to arrive at partner site in the next 10 days.

3. Update on staff/contacts at each site

Everybody working on PIPVIC to supply names and contact telephone numbers to

AS or LC by beginning of next week.

Webpage with tehse details to be created by UCL

4. Technical workshop

- date

14 Jan 98 12.00-18.00

- proposed content

Rough agenda for workshop sent out by email.

Email sent to PIPVIC for recommended background reading for the workshop

- please forward to technical staff who are going to attend, but who are not

on the PIPVIC mailing list.

technical staff who

The workshop will be multicasted and recorded.

5. Tutor workshop

- date

22 Jan 98 12.00-17.00

Originally 23 Jan 98 was suggested, but Marc-George who will be doing the

workshop together with DH, could not make the 23rd, and as moving the

workshop to the 22nd did not pose problems to the other sites, 22nd was


workshop together with DH, could not make the 23rd.

- propose. content

The workshop will be an introduction to the Mbone tools and how to

the tools in a teaching context.

The workshop will be multicasted and recorded.

6. Structured activities

- courses

First course starts on Monday 12 Jan at 9.00 (time yet to be confirmed).

Everybody are wellcome to listen in. The course is a French for lawyers course,

10x1 hours, and will take place 3 times a week:

Mons 9.00-10.00 (To be confirmed)

Thurs 14.00-15.00

Fris 12.00-13.00

The course will be taught from UCL by Michael Benguigui from the UCL Language

Center to students in Exeter.

The Spanish course, also taught from UCL to Exeter is planned to start mid Feb.

The Mandarin course, also taught from UCL to Exeter, is also set to go ahead.

SSEES will teach Polish to Essex.

UCL suggest to make the course 2 hours a day, 5 days running in week 8

(UCL reading week)

Aber and Exeter will do an Italien course

Westminster to teach a course in systems analysis and design to UCL -

probably MSc students. UCL suggest to make the course a week course with 2

hours a day in the MSc students' reading week, week 8.

ACTION: Tutors to provide a short description of the contents of their course

to go on the website.

- seminars

Contents of technical seminars to be agreed between UCL and Aber.

UCL suggest to turn Mbone routers and administration and intro to the tools from the

technical seminar on Wed into technical seminars.

7. Next Conference

Next Friday 16 Jan 98 10.00-11.00

8. AOB

DP: Network Performance during today's workshop.

While the workshop has been in progress, and I have

tried to keep a general eye on loss reports etc and I have run `mtrace'

once or twice. The loss has often been up to 30+ % and

occasions up to 50%. There appeared to be loss reporting

at the Bath router

My back-of-the-envelope calculations showed we

were generating traffic at over 512kbps and so

were probably exceeding the capacity of the tail links.

At our get-together in London, Henry agreed to send some emails

to document how we should forward request to have the

bandwidth of the tail Mbone tunnels increased. I think

we all felt that 2Mbps was a more appropriate value

than the current default of 512kbps for tail tunnels.

One might also wish to consider what bandwidth ought

to be set for the tunnels in the core of

the UK Mbone too.

Dave Price

[csp] and loss on the ULCC/UCL tunnel... (~10%)