Minutes of PIVIC Kick-off Meeting

Dec. 9, 1997 at UCL



Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)

M. Angela Sasse, UCL CS (MAS)

Roy Bennett, UCL CS (RB)

Paul Hogan, UCL Language Centre (PH)

David Price, Aberystwyth (DP)

John Buckett, Exeter (JB)

Maria Widdowson, SSEES (MW)

Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)

Jim Dingle, SSEES (JP)

David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)


Apologies: Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)


1. Contract, Finance, Deliverables


Contract: HH reported that there were no problems with latest version of

the proposal (distributed at the meeting) as far as he could see, and

UKERNA would issue a contract based on this proposal shortly.

MAS said UCL will issue subcontracts to all partners when contract from

UKERNA is received.

DP raised the issue of IPR. It was agreed that for this particular

project, where IPR = results of trials, IPR should be with UKERNA, who

will disseminate results and allow partners to use them for publications


ACTION 1 09/12/97 - HH to ensure contract will be issued by UKERNA as

soon as possible.

ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon

as possible.


Finance: HH and partners agreed that in this project, payment against

deliverables; UKERNA will make 2 payments after the start and end of the

project. Partners do not have to account for how money has been spent,

but will send invoices for the 2 payments to UCL.


Deliverables: HH pointed out that final dates for deliverables are

immovable, since commissioning of large-scale pilot is dependent on

results from this project


2. Connectivity and tool installation


MAS reported that all partner sites are connected to the Mbone. The

thing that is currently unclear is how end-users at Essex (East European

Studies Dept.) will participate in sessions.


ACTION 3 09/12/97 - SL to advise on connectivity of end-users at Essex.


HH emphasized the importance of measuring network performance at all

links including local networks; UCL is prepare a detailed proposal on

what should be measure where and how (Deliverable D0).

DAP raised question of what quality video should be used during the

pilot; it was agreed to use the best quality that can be produced with

the network and local equipment available. HH emphasised the importance

of documenting equipment used at all sites; UCL will provide a Web form

for this and for quality assessment by end-users . DAP asked how much

bandwidth will be available for Mbone traffic; all agreed that 0.5 Mb is

not sufficient. HH agreed to find out how we can request 2 MB for Mbone


MAS emphasised importance of involving local network managers in the

piloting activities and organising local technical support for end-users;

there should be a phone number end-users can call as first point of help

for problems during structured activities.

JB raised question of current versions of shrinkwrapped Mbone tools under

the SHRIMP project, RB stated that partners can download and experiment

with these.

JB raised question of SGI versions of tools; RB stated that these are not

deliverables under SHRIMP but UCL will see if versions can be provided.

ACTION 4 09/12/97 - all partner sites to inform local network managers of

PIPVIC aims and activities, and arrange local technical support.

ACTION 5 09/12/97 - MAS to provide forms for documenting local

setup/equipment and end-user assessment.

ACTION 6 09/12/97 - RB to email URL for current versions of SHRIMP tools

to PIPVIC partners.

ACTION 7 09/12/97 - MAS to look at getting SGI versions of SHRMIP




3. Introductory Workshops and Materials


It was agreed to hold a Technical Workshop in the 2nd week (12th) at UCL

to introduce new sites to Mbone technology and tools - MAS to arrange

date and programme.

DAP suggested multicasting this since there will be interested staff at

Aberystwyth who would not be able to travel to London.

It was agreed to hold a seminar for tutors participating in the

Structured Teaching Activities on Jan. 23 at UCL; the workshop will be

given by DH and Marc-Georges Nowicki UCL Language Centre. It was agreed

to disribute materials for the workshop in advance.

It was also agreed to document developments and review introduction

materials for users.


ACTION 8 09/12/97 - MAS to announce date for PIPVIC Technical Workshop


ACTION 9 09/12/97 - MAS to organise teachers' workshop with DH and

Marc-Georges Nowicki and distribute materials.


4. Structured Activities


Administrative Activities: project meetings will be held via Mbone

conferences, weekly to start with. These will be limited to 1 hour and

take place on Friday morning at 10am the first meeting will be Jan. 9



ACTION 10 09/12/97 - RB to send out script for staring tools.


Research Activities: These will comprise a series of seminars multicast

to partners, but open to participants elsewhere. At the core of these is

a series on Mbone-related issues from partner sites:

- - 2 Tech seminars from Aber and UCL - topics to be decided

- - 1 from Exeter on configuring your local network for Mbone

- - 1 from Westminster on machine and usability problems

- - 1 from SSEES towards the end on newcomer's experiences with Mbone


Teaching Actities: latest start for any course is mid-February. Each

partner site should give and participate in at least one Teaching

Activity. The following teaching activities have been agreed:

- - SSEES - Polish 5 x 2 hours to students at Essex

- - Essex - Human Rights 5 x2 hour lectures to students at SSEES

- - Exeter - Italian (based on ITALIA 2000) to Aberystwyth, also to be

advertised to UCL language students

- - Aber - to be announced

- - UCL - French for Lawyers (5 x 2 hours) to students Exeter, plus

Spanish for Layers and Mandarin

- - DH will try and find individual students to attend some of these

courses from Westminster


All structured activities will be recorded by UCL. Aber will also

install MMCR and record some sessions. VCR recordings will also need to

made at all partner sites, this will need to be coordinated.


ACTION 11 09/12/97 - MAS to draw up timetable for seminars

ACTION 12 09/2/97 - MAS to set up timetable for Teaching Activities on


ACTION 13 09/12/97 - Roy to email details on monitoring tools


5. Project management


The lead site's and site coordinators' responsibilities were discussed.

Site coordinators are responsible for actitivities at each site. The

main technical contact for each site should also be announced and a list

of these put on the Web. UKERNA will set up a Website for the project,

which will be linked to a main Website at UCL. A secure Webpage with

diaries, deliverables etc. will also be set up by mid-January; all

partner sites have to set up there own Webpages describing their



HH statged that monthly highlight reports will have to be filed by the

lead site. These should report progress with respect to the

milestones/deliverables and any potential issues arising. These must be

delivered at the end of the month.

wbd must be ready for the end of Jan.