Videoconference 06/03/98 10.00-11.00

 Paul Hogan (UCL Language Centre)  PH
 David Hearnshaw (Westminster)  DH
 Colin Perkins (UCL)  CSP
 Simon Lavington (Essex) SL
 Dave Price (Aber)  DAP
 Roy Bennett  (UCL) RB
 Julian Chesterfield (UCL)  JC
 A.Vincentelli (aber)  AV
 Angela Sasse (UCL)  MAS
 Jim Dingley (SSEES)  JD
 Kris Hasler  (UCL)  KH

Apologies - Louise Clark, UCL (LC), Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)

1. Connection and tool check

All sites present had good and clear quality today - best weekly meeting so far.
2. Contract update
MAS - sent according to UCL contracts office - not received at sites

3. Deliverable D0 - Network monitoring

MAS - final draft agreed by UCL people and DAP
    - no comments from HH to date

ACTION 98/03/06-1 DAP to send additional paragraph on mstat
ACTION 98/03/06-3 MAS to send to partners final version

4. Update on structured activities
1. Spanish for Lawyers
   PH and JC reported that things are going well, but one student missed a
   session this week.  MAS suggested that we could arrange for her to watch
   MMCR recording of that session.

ACTION 98/03/06-3 Exeter to suggest suitable time for student to watch MMCR

2. Polish

JD and SL reported things are going well now.  Kasia and students are
very enthusiastic, and the students would welcome continuation of the course.
MAS proposed that course continue after the Easter break - to be arrange d by MAS, JD and SL.

3. Italian

DAP reported problems with wb - full from Spanish session.
CSP pointed out problems with wbd - best to ensure that wb and wbd are not
used in the same session.  wb doesn't check it's inputs, and since the spec
is not documented its hard for wbd to be compliant.
DAP; is work done on wbd?
CSP: no-one working one this ....
KH - J Highfield has done some fixes, not sure if they're deployed?

ACTION 98/03/06-4 LC/JC to check which sizes of pages and total number work
in wb and wbd.

AV reported that students becoming more confident and are finding the
sessions enjoyable.  More specific info on how best to prepare
slides for the whiteboard needed.

ACTION 98/03/06-5: MAS/LC/KH to look at this and prepare guidelines for size
and shape, fonts, etc.

SL - lecturers for Human Rights course will use many slides, diagrams etc.

MAS - Suggested that tutors give materials to helpers at site one day
      in advance - send/fax files for paper backup to other site - test materials
      day in advance in wb/wbd and fix/id which things work.
4. Essex-SSEES Social Science Teaching

SL has circulated timetable of lectures and titles of lectures.
MAS very interesting lecturers and topics - other sites please see if you can
    find some more attendees at your site.

DAP seminar MArch 5 on use of mconfig and mstat  to monitor traffic

CSP - sensible if supported by mrouted
DAP - can still be used to probe other routers
      (agreed to provide para for D0 - see ACTION 1)
Next seminar will be by Lorenzo Vicisano from UCL on congestion control.
Will be fairly technical - MAS will invite wider audience.

MAS suggested that PIPVIC seminars continue after Easter break - is booking
seminars for Thu 2-3 slot - speakers on videoconferencing and distance
education.  Speaker from the OU on May 7.

AV & DAP supported this.
AV suggested more sessions about hands-on experience with videoconferencing.

ACTION 98/03/06 - DH and MAS to do series on hands-on experiences of using videoconf.
                  for distance education.
Dates: April 23,30 May 7, 14, 21, 28

SL said continuing courses beyond the deadline originally agreed in the
contract was on that assumption that, as progress and tools/doc get better,
the level of support required at partner site should be reduced.

5. AOB

KH - hardware spec for PCs finished - will appear on PIPVIC Web page -
      still problems id-ing an audio card that has no problem at all
      no problem at all.

6. Action points from last meeting

ACTION 98/02/27-1: KH and JC to test sound card/headsets at SSEES again before
next Polish session on Monday  morning.    Still in progress

ACTION - all sites to put rtpdumps and mtraces of sessions (with time and
date) on their Web pages    DONE

ACTION98/02/20-1 (all sites) please make an effort to attend the seminar and
(potentially interested tutors).   DONE
ACTION98/02/13-5 (All sites) to monitor their local links and report problems
local networks and workstations.   More on this next week

ACTION98/02/20-2 (MAS) send network proposal to HH and circulate to partners
        DONE to DAP, rest of all partners today.


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