Videoconference 06/02/98 10.00-11.00


Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Colin Perkins, UCL from Barcelona (CSP)
Kristian Hasler, UCL (KH)
Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)
Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Ian Campbell, Exeter (ILCC)
David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)

0. Apologies

John Buckett (Exeter)
Dave Price (Aber)

1. Connection and tool check

vic crashing at SSEES
tools crashing at Essex
UKERNA's audio pretty low, background noise loud - HH changed battery, audio perfect.

2. Contract update (MAS)

Subcontracts not yet received by partner sites.
ACTION 98/02/06-1 (MAS) to beat up UCL contrtacts office (who said they have been sent)

3. Update on Webpages (LC)

Westminster has set up local Web page & sent URL

ACTION 98/02/06-2 Aber, Essex, Exeter & SSEES to set up local Web pages and email URLs to LC.

LC- Link to SHRIMP tools and draft user documentation
(trouble shooting guide) has been added.
All comments/suggestions re Website to LC or the pipvic list.

4. Audio problems

LC - audio problems experienced in PC teaching sessions probably due to sampling rate problems in cards.  Quitting rat and re-starting will solve the problem.
GS - time for audio to deteriorate varies depending on card.
     Many cards are not good quality - there are problems with
     interference (which means signal is not good quality).
MAS - are Essex and SSEES willing to continue with trials despite
      those problems?
JD - Willing to continue tutorials even with dodgy audio.
SL - Students/everybody else willing to continue as well.
MAS - KH will go to Essex and someone else from UCL will be at SSEES
      for next Polish session - 11am on Wed.
CSP - In order to "get a grip" on audio, we need precise list of
hardware and software used at PC sites.

ACTION 98/02/06-3 Essex, SSEES, Exeter: email to MAS, LC, KH, CP:
    PC make, processor, RAM
    version of OS,
    name of audio and video card, manufacturer
    check what cards your PC thinks it is using.

  5. Update on structured activities


 Spanish  - Week beginning 23 Feb

    Time table available by the end of the day
    Mandarin - Week beginning 27 April
               UCL testing graphics tablet & pen for Mandarin
    French for Lawyers - last session Monday 9-11
    Systems Development from Westminster cancelled for next week.
    Will be reconsidered after Easter.
    Human Rights - SL: PG tutorial/seminar type sessions,
    not just transmitting lectures.
    MAS - People in charge of students at SSEES and lecturer at
    Essex should agree type of sessions and dates - we will try
    and accommodate both in the framework of the trial.


Proposed dates (all Thurs, 14.00-15.00):
 Feb. 12  UCL - Introduction to PIPVIC project (MAS)
 Feb. 19  Aber? TBA
 Feb. 26        Westminster - Desktop conferencing for remote education (DH)
 Mar. 5         Aber? - TBA
 Mar. 12        UCL - Congestion control (Lorenzo Vicisano)
 Mar. 19 Exeter - Introduction to Multicast for new sites (I Campbell)
 Mar. 26

DH - Web page to advertise time and contents of seminars?  YES!
MAS - ACTION 98/02/06-4 all seminar presenters - please send abstracts when you  have them.
On Feb. 12 - UCL will be setting up transmitting  from 1pm - please join the conference if you can and give us feedback on A/V quality.
HH to give remote bit on UKERNA VC strategy if test on Wed works ok.

6. Network monitoring proposal

A draft is now available under
This will be top of the agenda next week.
please send any comments and questions to pipvic list by email in the meantime.

7. AOB

ACTION 98/02/06-5 Sue to sort out her email at Essex - mails get bounced.
8. Action points from previous meetings
ACTION 98/23/01-2 (MAS/LC/KH) Find solution to problem with foreign
letters on keyboards.     DONE - Polish in nte
ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon as
possible.  PENDING

NEXT MEETING - FRI FEB 13 10.00-11.00

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