Videoconference 03/07/98
Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Ian Campbell, Exeter (IC)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)                
David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Adriano Vincentelli, Aber (AV)
Roy Bennett, UCL (RB)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)
Dave Price, Aber (DAP)
Kris Hasler, UCL (KH)
Mike King, Essex (MK)
1. Connection and tool check
All fine.                         
2. Wrap-up of PIPVIC 1
Thanks to all. We gave a relatively good impression of this kind of Videoconferencing.

MAS - UKERNA were very happy with everything
2 points - No subcontract back from Aber yet
DAP - on its way right now
ACTION 98/7/3 - All but SSEES please send invoice for 6.6 k to Dominic or Graham

3. PIPVIC 2 - Possible sessions between sites for new Pilot Project

Mike King from data archiving at Essex. Considering using VC for meetings
with partners in Norway and Denmark.  

SL - Social Science archives - training in using of data sets and analysis
MAS - we must also decide what activities will take place at which sites.

Aber - Would want to continue some language teaching. 
Manchester would like to join Italian if Aber-Exeter will continue.
Westminster - UCL (introduction to networking again?)

Coventry - Sheffield (mental Health)
SSEES - Exeter (Russian, maybe Russian history)
DH - possibility of European university connections
MAS - interested in pursuing European activities. Colin would have to 
look in to how the Continent link would work.
CSP - Link not saturated, bandwidth however is limited by UKERNA. Will 
depend on what happens when Ten34 is replaced by Quantum, and how the new rate
limit is configured

MAS - shared medical teaching between UCL, Manchester and Edinburgh
MAS - physics network   (shared experimental design, student supervision)
to involve Manchester, RAL, Imperial, UCL, Edinburgh, Birmingham
JB - Exeter has some departments interested in pursuing radio and television studies over VC.

Westminster and Aber also interested
SSEES - has some people interested in Russian film studies. 

MAS - Essex also has shown interest in film studies. Each different activity should be coordinated by one individual site.
DAP - Network monitoring involves 2 tasks:-
1 - contacting NOSC and actively changing network conditions
2 - collecting statistics, creating graphs etc..
LC - coordinating assessment of courses etc... is one aspect which should
be organised by one site.
MAS - testing H323 & T.120 could be a task assigned to one particular site. Birmingham have shown an interest in that.

DAP - we should look in more detail at these other H323 products such as CU-seeme.

CSP - CU-seeme is not a good tool for our requirements. Doesn't allow multicast, Network usage is high.

MAS - we don't want to commit ourselves to researching a whole new area of videoconferencing when it is not budgeted for. Call will come out in 3
weeks or so, project to start in September/October
DH - someone at Westminster Business school inerested in doing a course on
countryside and deveolpment issues.