Videoconference 30/01/98 10.00-11.00


Paul Hogan, UCL Language Center, PH
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Dave Price, Aber (DP)
Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Jim Dingly, SSEES (JD)
Kristian Hasler, UCL (KH)
Richard Gamle, Essex (RG)

1. Connection and tool check

All OK - All sites now up and running.  There were problems
with audio at Essex and SSEES during the session.

2. Contract update (HH)

HH - Has got contract, will be with UCL today.
(MAS - The contract arrived at UCL on Monday and sub-contracts
have been sent out.)

3. Update on Webpages (LC)

All sites should set up local PIPVIC Web pages - short description of your
role in/contribution to the project, plus any other activities/ things which
are related.  Please provide contact details for site manager and tech staff
and other people associated with the project on the pages.

ACTION 98/01/30-1 ALL partner sites to set up PIPVIC Webpages and email
    LC URLs.

4. Update on structured activities

- teaching

Ongoing: French for Lawyers
LC reported that there are problems with using VCR video in
conferences. A workshop feedback session will take place on Feb. 17 at UCL

Planned: Polish
Polish characters are working on NTE on one of the Unix boxes
Should be portable to PCs; KH is investigating.
A test session between SSEES and Essex on Tuesday 3 Feb, 16.00
(subject to Sarah Birch's availability.)
KH will to go to SSEES to check up on equipment and audio problems.

SL - SSEES please give Essex telephone number to room where Tuesday
session is going to be )171 637 4934 ext. 4051 (10.30-12.30)

SL - Will everything be ready for the first session Wed 4 Feb, 10.00?
JD - Yes.
MAS - tutorials will go ahead with English keyboards and characters next
week- it is worth to get the students familiar with the technology.
MAS - UCL will bring some headsets to SSEES to try out.

Planned: Italian

DP - Italian tutorial: Aber propoes two types of session.

1. 2nd year students,
intermediate to advanced, to prepare students who are going on a year
abroad to prepare for language and culture etc.

2. Focus on language translation - outcome should be a piece of multiauthored
work, where a translation is produced in cooperation.
JB - contact Luisa Quartermaine about above suggestion.
DP - Will circulate email containing above proposal
DP - If any other sites can provide students, they should do so
JB, DP - Mid Feb start.
Planned: SE course Westminster-UCL
MAS - only one student has so far volunteered.
(MAS - this course has been postponed in agreement with DH and Vic Page -
just could not get enough students

Planned: Spanish for lawyers + mandarin

PH - Spanish for lawyers to start week beginning 23 Feb
     Mandarin to start earlier
     Update next week after Marie-Danielle have spoken to students.
LC - preferable beginners for Mandarin so signs can be drawn rather than typed.

(The proposed list reflects some additional discussion via email.)
Dates for seminars (all Thurs, 14.00-15.00):

Feb. 12  UCL - Introduction to PIPVIC project (MAS)
Feb. 19  Aber? TBA
Feb. 26         Westminster - Desktop conferencing for remote education (DH)
Mar. 5          Aber? - TBA
Mar. 12         Aber?
Mar. 19 Exeter - Introduction to Multicast for new sites (I Campbell)
Mar. 26  UCL - Congestion control (Lorenzo Vicisano)

SSEES, Exeter, Westminster, and Essex to suggest dates (in March) for their
seminars - one or two could be held in April.

HH - We are welcome to advertise the seminars widely.

5. Network monitoring proposal

MAS - Still waiting for draft from Panos Gevros, will be ready by end of next
week. (MAS - A draft is now available under

6. AOB

HH stated that sorting out bandwidth/network for this project has high priority
Suggestion: DAP to function as main technical liason between project and UKERNA
to report problems and discuss possible solutions.
DAP -  we are delighted to hear that sorting out Mbone problems has now
got due attention/priority.

7. Action points from previous meetings

ACTION 98/23/01-1 (MAS) Timetable "mock tutorials"  DONE

ACTION 98/23/01-2 (MAS/LC/KH) Find solution to problem with foreign
letters on keyboards.     DONE (almost)

ACTION 98/23/01-3 (MAS/DP) Timetable seminars  Draft in minutes from this meeting.

ACTION 23/01/98-4 (KH) Make information about which soundcards etc. to use available
from PIPVIC webpage.            DONE

ACTION 1 09/12/97 - HH to ensure contract will be issued by UKERNA as
soon as possible. UPDATED CONTRACT PENDING. AS to chase HH for contract.   DONE

ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon as
possible.  PENDING

ACTION 98/01/16-3 (MAS) to chase HH re wording for increasing Mbone "rate limits".
DONE -ish

ACTION 98/01/16-1 (MAS/GS) to arrange date for face-to-face meeting
between Michael and his students. Will be decided on Mon when students know
when theywill be available.    DONE
Date proposed: 17 February 1998 CONFIRMED
ACTION 98/01/23-5 (All) Other sites to set up pipvic webpages.

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