Videoconference 29/05/98 

Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Dave Price, Aber (DAP)
Dave Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Adriano Vincentelli, Aber (AV)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Paul Hogan, UCL (PH)
Roy Bennett, UCL (RB)                                  
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Kris Hasler, UCL (KH)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Ian Campbell, Exeter (IC)

Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)

1. Connection and tool check
All fine. loss between Exeter and Bath - huge amount traffic going into Exeter. Problem with SSEES. Traffic going out, but no traffic reaching SSEES. 

2. Contract update

3. Teaching activities:
- - - - - - - - Mandarin

LC: Same problem with language centre router. Tutor had to move over to CS dept. San Zhu says he will be using the graphics tablets next session.

JC - next tuesday will be a session instead of evaluation

JB - will ckeck with student at Exeter on availablility for next tuesday.
PH - students at UCL enjoying course very much 

- - - - - - - - Italian evaluation

GS - went well. Done by VC. initial write up has been sent out to pipvic mail list.

LC - has read deliverable, seems good.

GS - more still to come.

- - - - - - - - Post Communist Transition Course evaluation(SSEES and Essex)

JC talked to students on Tuesday, very brief, but interesting points were made. 

b) Seminars 
-------28/05/98 - Anne Adams (UCL) User perception of privacy in multimedia 

DH - went very well. Audio and video quite good. Room quite dark, wasn't that easy to see
a nne, could hear well though.

DAP - darkness true. It was almost too dark to see anything.

DH - Perhaps the camera should be more focused on the speaker.

MAS - only two cameras in the room. The one pointing at her is at the other end of the room.

LC - it can actually zoom in.

DAP - slides weren't appearing. Found URL for multicast powerpoint version.

KH/GS - Product in its very early stages, doesn't seem to work.

LC - difference in volume is a problem, when people ask questions.

DAP - The audio from UCL was going in to the red quite often

HH - any people from outside joining in?

LC - not really, possibly one.

DAP - seminar was very interesting.

4. Technical and Pedagogical evaluations for the PIPVIC deliverable (due today)

LC - network settings from exeter still to come. DAP writing up summary on network activity.

HH - looked at the deliverables, seemed fine. Looked at HTML version.

MAS - not the most recent. It must updated.            
ACTION 98/5/29 (all) - Updated versions to be made available immediately.
ACTION 98/5/29 (all) - any comments from partners to be made today, so that write up can be done at the weekend.


5. Update on DEMO

MAS - apologies to HH for not replying to his email. Trying to set up meeting with network people, difficult to get hold of them.  

HH - Jeremy back on Monday - MAS, HH, Jeremy to arrange meeting for next week (Tuesday)

MAS - Extra security needed for Monday night. And possibly over the weekend if setting up on Friday.

Two projecters have been booked from A/V - need to look at quality to decide whether to get one from outside. 

Details to be discussed next Friday...

ACTION 98/5/29 (MAS) - reply to HH's email on Monday. 

Language teachers are likely to be required between 11- 2

HH - how many numbers are allowed?

MAS - 120 (incl 10-20 from UCL CS)

HH - limit external bookings to 80. 

DAP - will pipvic partners count as external or internal?

HH - Could everybody except UCL people register. 

6. AOB

MAS - why have we got duplicate lines at the bottom?

CSP - Student will fix over summer

CSP - GS email broken

GS - is aware - will fix

7. outstanding Action Points
ACTION 98/05/22 (MAS) - to check with UCL contracts as to whether all have
 been received

ACTION 98/05/15 - (UCL) clarify web page entry about JANET III changes.

ACTION 98/05/08 (MAS) - will replace machine in UCL language lab and update 
mrouter as soon as new machine has arrived.

ACTION - once latest tool versions are on website, UCL to email list.