Videoconference 19/06/98

Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Dave Price, Aber (DAP)
Adriano Vincentelli, Aber (AV)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Paul Hogan, UCL (PH)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)


1. Connection and tool check

Connection all fine except SSEES, PH new headphones sounding very clear

2. Contract update

MAS - checked with UCL contracts, Aber is the only site which contract has not been received from.

3. Update on DEMO

DH has not received contribution from Essex. Sarah away today.

ACTION 98/6/26 - SL to contact Sarah at Essex for script contribution

Contingency plan in case any site is unable to attend

Sue will be the 

Refer to people by site in script in case an individual at a site cannot attend and someone 
else has to read the script.

URL for latest version of WBD:-


Network tests very successful during the week. NOSC have been very helpful in reconfiguring
tunnels between Aber and Exeter. Sounds much better now. DAP felt that the current state 
of the Mbone is the best situation for displaying a realistic impression of the quality of 
a session. Mtraces are showing a low amount of loss, just what would be expected from a 
network of that scale.

Rehearsal on monday:-

Technical setup tests 10am
Tutors arrive 11am


Tests at 9am with all sites participating in demo. Leave running until demo.

4. AOB

5. outstanding Action Points

ACTION -98/06/19 - UCL to check on contract situation - DONE

ACTION 98/06/12- all sites to send details to DH of what they would like to 
say at Demo. - All done except Essex

ACTION - JB to check with Marie Danielle about the demo, being present. - Done

ACTION - UCL to contact HH about who is expected at Demo out of the PIPVIC partners. - Done