Videoconference 24/04/98, 10:00-11:00

Julian Chesterfield (JC), UCL
Louise Clark (LC), UCL
Sue Sharples (SS), Essex
Simon Lavington (SL), Essex
Gary Stringer (GS), Exeter
Paul Hogan (PH), Language Centre UCL
Angela Sasse (MAS), UCL
Lesley Pitman (LP), SSEES
Adriano Vincentelli (AV), Aber                
Kristian Hasler (KH), UCL 

Colin Perkins, UCL
John Buckett, Exeter
Henry Hughes, UKERNA

1. Connection and tool check

SL - higher resolution on screen means that font in nte is now too small..

All OK, except for SSEES who have problems with the video and audio. They were 
able to join the session later.

2. Contract update

MAS: Subcontracts going out shortly. We are will waiting for final 
replies from partner sites, specifically Aberystwyth.                          
SL: Concerned about receiving the revised version of the subcontract.
MAS: Graham will send the revised version once he has heard from all the sites.

a) Teaching: 
- - - - - - Polish Evaluation took place at Essex on 21st - despite all the 
problems, students were positive about the experience and made lots of useful 
comments/suggestions - report will appear on Web pages soon. 
- - - - - - Update on Mandarin tutorials
LC - hoping to start next week, two students in exeter and also hopefully two 
students at UCL. No timetable at present, will arrange soon.

GS - arringing session next Friday to give students a chance beforehand to 
familiarise with the tools.

ACTION 98/04/24(GS,PH,LC,JC)- to liase over arranging a mock session with the 
Mandarin tutor and the students. Possibly on Friday 1 May midday onwards.

ACTION 98/04/24(PH) - will try to find "real" students in language Centre to 
participate in mandarin course.

- - - - - - Italian evaluation session
GS - No evaluation arranged yet
ACTION 98/04/24(GS, DAP, AV) to arrange Italian evaluation session and to 
check with Marie-Danielle if next Tuesday 28th is possible.

- - - - - - Human Rights (SSEES and Essex)
SL- -penultimate HR session will be next tuesday 28th April. Final session 
will be confirmed later but it is planned for Tuesday 5th May.

b) Upcoming Seminars                        
2 seminars scheduled:-                
30/4/98 Ian Campbell "Introduction to Multicasting" - abstract available from 
pipvic website

MAS: Title sounds very similar to Dave Price's recent PIPVIC seminar. How 
about changing it to something like 'Multicasting - a local network manager's 
view' ?

GS: Ian is aware of Dave's seminar and is planning on continuing on from the  
point he reached.

ACTION 98/04/24(GS) - to check with Ian about revising the title. 

7/5/98 Craig Rodine from OU

ACTION 98/04/24(MAS) - to get abstract from Craig 

ACTION 98/04/24(LC) - to check whether Jim Dingley is planning on doing a 
seminar in may.

4. AOB 

Deliverables for PIPVIC project:
Two deliverables due for 15th May. Presentation of technical and pedagogical 

ACTION 98/04/24(UCL) Draft to go out next week, in order to discuss it in 
meeting next week. Both Technical and pedagogical evaluations. 

Final demonstrations - likely to be on June 30th -subject to HH agreeing. 

MAS - Venue will be at UCL (Tuck lecture theatre, takes up to 150 people)
Preliminary Agenda:-
Live demo (after lunch). Each site to present, and possibly allow audience to 
ask questions. 
Language tutorials to be demonstrated - the more teachers and students, the 

SL - Research away day that day, but SS will be there

MAS - It would be nice to have Sarah participating. 

ACTION 98/04/24 - Essex, SSEES, UCL Language Centre, and Aber will arrange for 
language teachers to be there. 


ACTION 98/04/24(UCL) - From next week to start circulating a draft countdown 
to the demo.

GS - Never received details on reporting network problems to NOSC. Also, 
should the JANET external Mbone tunnel be raised to a 2mb connection since 
projects such as MECCANO are now involved with European partners, or will this 
saturate the UK network?

LC - Perhaps we should suggest raising for a short period to see whether we 
experience problems. 

ACTION 98/04/24(GS) - to contact NOSC re. raising the existing 1mb connection 
and to suggest a test period.

5. Outstanding Action Points
ACTION 98/04/17-2 (SL) - Contact Anna Watson, set up experiment (Anna to email 
SL when she comes back)

ACTION 98/04/17-3   Add Chris Cheetham to PIPVIC mailing list. DONE.

ACTION 98/04/1-1 (MAS, LC) - Contact UCL Contracts dept to follow up on 
situation with subcontracts. - Done. Awaiting replies from all partner sites 
before revised subcontracts can be sent out.