Videoconference 23/01/98 10.00-11.00


Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
David Price, Aber (DP) & Adriano Vincentelli (VIA)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)
Paul Hogan, UCL language Center (PH)
David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Angela Sasse (MAS)
Colin Perkins (CSP)

1. Connectivity Check

Everything fine! SSEES attended meeting from UCL cs dept, but Exeter now connected.

2. Review of Workshop for tutors 23/01/98


Subjects covered in workshop to be expanded and put into docs which will be distributed at a later stage.

Workshop seemed to go well at UCL end in terms of introducing future tutors to the tools and possibilities of the technology.

DH - Tutors ought to give feed back on the workshop when they have started teaching.

MAS - Follow up workshop should be arranged if need be.

MAS - tutors requested "mock tutorial" session before the first real teaching session. These need to be pencilled into the timetable.

ACTION 98/23/01-1 (MAS) Timetable "mock tutorials"

Multicast reception

Very bad in Aber. Audio abysmal at times, wb very bad as well, both ways.
UCL routing has changed - problem seems to be at ULCC, and is being looked into by John Andrews at UCL.
DP - Problems not likely to be resolved until Super Janet 3, which will be in operation end of Feb or March.
DP - Suggests to try to avoid ULCC to see if quality improves.
MAS - John Andrews (UCL) has plans for tests to narrow down where the problems are.

4. Update on Structured Activities

Teaching activities:

PH - French for Lawyers next Thurs cancelled, to be rescheduled. New time to be confirmed Monday

LC - Workshop for French for lawyers students and tutors to take place - date will be confirmed on Monday

JD - preferred start on Polish course beginning of Feb. Wednesday for 2 hour sessions, start first Wed in Feb. Jim is liasing with Sarah.

PH - talk to Marie Danielle to arrange start dates for Spanish for lawyers and Mandarin

MAS - Late Feb latest start for Mandarin (if weekly sessions)

MAS/LC/KH - will look into how to deal with foreign letters on the keyboard. Using PCs only may be a solution

ACTION 98/23/01-2 (MAS/LC/KH) Find solution to problem with foreign letters on keyboards.

DP - Aber has sent a proposal to Exeter, waiting for JB to respond.


MAS - UCL and Aber to use conference rooms for the semninars. UCL has two rooms - only
really one of the rooms is feasible (lecture room). Only one slot a week is possible
when we can get into the room an hour in advance to check equipment: Thurs 1-3 p.m.
Room has been booked and is now available on a weekly basis. Seminars to be schduled. SSEES and
Westminster in April, UCL and Aber to start off, Exeter in between.

UCL to the first seminar which will be an introduction to the project and multicasting.

Aber to give the next two seminars, one of which will be on how to set up routers and tunnels etc. (similar to Panos Gevros's talk at the technical seminar).

UCL will finish by giving a seminar on congestion control (Lorenzo Vicisano).

Seminars to be every two weeks. Dates to be confirmed when DP gets time table next week
MAS to propose dates, to be confirmed at meeting next week.

ACTION 98/23/01-3 (MAS/DP) Timetable seminars



DP - Installation doc for PCs doesn't make clear which resolution is needed on monitor

DP - Installation doc for PCs on audio cards - new drivers available from 18 Dec, which
may solve previously experienced problems

CSP - Sound Blaster Sound cards don't support full duplex properly as they only have 8 bit one way, and 16 bit the other, so the quality will never be very good.

ACTION 23/01/98-4 (KH) Make information about which soundcards etc. to use available from
PIPVIC webpage.

5. Outstanding Action Items from  previous meetings/conferences

ACTION 1 09/12/97 - HH to ensure contract will be issued by UKERNA as
soon as possible. UPDATED CONTRACT PENDING. AS to chase HH for contract.

HH on holiday, so still pending.  MAS to follow up on that.

ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon
as possible.

SEE 1.

ACTION 3 09/12/97 - SL to advise on connectivity of end-users at Essex. PENDING.

SL - students on Polish course to attend from "SL's" cluster.
SL - raised concern that course should not depend on lip synch. JD confirmed they are
aware of that.

ACTION 5 09/12/97 - MAS to provide forms for documenting local
setup/equipment and end-user assessment. MAS/LC will put up form later today.


ACTION 98/01/09-4 (MAS, DP) - to draft schedule for technical seminars. To be done by next week.

Seminars will take place every other Thursday 2-3pm. Exact dates to be confirmed when DP gets teaching time table.

ACTION 98/01/16-2 (DP) to propose Aber topics.

ACTION 98/01/16-3 (MAS) to chase HH re wording for increasing Mbone "rate limits".

ACTION 98/01/16-1 (MAS/GS) to arrange date for face-to-face meeting between Michael and his   students. Will be decided on Mon when students know when they will be available.

Date proposed: 17 February 1998

ACTION 98/01/23-5 (All) Other sites to set up pipvic webpages.

6. AOB

SL - network monitoring at Essex. Is it possible to relate the statistics to the Highview mtraces?

MAS - documents covering how to do network measurements will be circulated; SL to comment
and add to proposal.

Meeting again next week  - update on teaching activities, and network monitoring.

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