Videoconference 20/02/98 10.00-11.00


Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Paul Hogan, UCL Language Centre (PH)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)
David  Hernshaw, Westminster (DH)
Kris Hasler, UCL (KH)
Dave Price, Aber (DP)
Orion Hodson, UCL (OH)
Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)

0. Apologies

John Buckett, Essex (JB)

1. Connection and tool check

All fine, except no audio from SSEES. KH will attend to that problem.

2. Contract update

Subcontracts have still not been issued due to the contracts department dealing with them being short of staff. They will deal with contracts in the order they have been received so we will have to wait our turn.

3. Update on structured activities


Last weeks session went well. The new soundcard seems to work well. There were some nte problems, which Kris is looking into. Polish characters working now. Feedback forms were not been completed as the UCL Web server was down.

Starting on monday

human rights
Postponed for 2 weeks to make sure we have the pc audio sorted out. We are currently checking with the staff involved, that the new dates are okay.

Some confusion, but will be sorted out soon. There will probably be a change of personnel at Exeter to those originally involved. Positive discussions continuing...


Seminar from Aber:
Westminster, Exeter, UCL attended - well received at the sites.

Next seminar from Westminster

ACTION98/02/20-1 (all sites) please make an effort to attend the seminar and publicise the seminar to (potentially interested tutors).

4. Network monitoring proposal

Will be ready on Monday

ACTION98/02/20-2 (MAS) send proposal to HH and circulate to partners

5. AOB

Results after the core routing change on the MBONE
Quality received in the seminar seemed very good at UCL - links to Aber and Exeterseem better. Links to Essex  seem better as well.
HH - problem on tunnel to Essex has been  corrected.

Monitoring of local networks
HH - do sites have local monitoring in place?
MAS - local network is being monitored (by JA & AM)
GS - Exeter is

MAS - External lecturer signed up for PIPVIC seminars (Craig Rodine, OU, May 7)

ACTION: [Kris/Louise/Orion]: figure out which microphones work with the new soundcards.

6. Action points from previous meetings

ACTION 98/23/01-2 (MAS/LC/KH) Find solution to problem with foreign letters on keyboards.

ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon as possible.
Still pending - but nothing anybody can do about it.

ACTION 98/01/23-5  All sites to set up pipvic webpage
PH - UCL Language Centre page will go up later today. I will send out URL.

ACTION98/02/13-1 (KH & GS) Publish list of cards tested
http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mice/rat/FAQ.html has a list [csp]

ACTION98/02/13-2 (LC) Order 3 pen input tablets
2 ordered (not arrived yet)

ACTION98/02/13-3 (ALL) Buy Gravis cards if you come across them.
CSP - Not sure this is a good idea, get the new cards instead...
GS- We couldn't find any anyway
ACTION98/02/13-4 (Speakers) Provide abstracts for their talks
Awaiting Dave Price's next abstract

ACTION98/02/13-5  (All sites) to monitor their local links and report problems
immediately to the PIPVIC mailing list + start looking carefully at loading of
local networks and workstations.

ACTION98/02/13-6 (MAS) - check with Panos/John Andrews whether data have been recorded
LC to follow up and email

ACTION98/02/13-7 (LC) - ensure that all  PIPVIC seminars and weekly meetings are
recorded using mmcr
DONE - except last Polish class due to servers being down at UCL.

ACTION98/02/13-8 (MAS) check with John Andrews and Andy Murray (ISD) that local
links at UCL are monitored  and report back.

ACTION98/02/13-9 (CSP) Look into making rtpdump little-endian compatible
DONE - source code on CSP's web page

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