Videoconference 19/06/98
Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Dave Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Paul Hogan, UCL (PH)
A. Vincentelli, Aber (AV)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD) 

Angela Sasse, UCL
Dave Price, Aber


1. Connection and tool check

All fine, except SSEES

2. Contract update

JB - Exeter hasn't sent theirs, JB to chase up finance dept.

ACTION 98/6/19 (UCL) - to check on contract situation

3. Teaching activities                     
- - - - - - - - Mandarin Evaluation

LC - went quite well. Bad packet loss. Lots of useful information

JB- Jan said she found it very useful, San Zhu made some good comments.

4. Update on DEMO

JB - Marie Danielle might be able to attend, JB to follow up.

LC - Sarah Birch will attend from Essex, SSEES may not have any representatives from the language centre. Will three sites be enough?

DH - for just the five minute slot, it should be plenty.

LC - stands and cable problems are being sorted out. Meeting this coming tuesday, any questions should be raised beforehand so we can discuss them.

JB - audio still a little patchy
5. AOB

6. outstanding Action Points

ACTION 98/06/12- all sites to send details to DH of what they would like to 
say at Demo. - OUTSTANDING

ACTION 98/6/19 (JB) check with Marie Danielle about being present at the demo.

ACTION 98/06/12- DAP to ask tutors at Aber to produce a few good and bad 
points about remote teaching. - DONE

ACTION 12/06/98 - JC to check with CSP about SSEES router. - IN PROCESS

ACTION98/6/5 - (UCL) set up meeting in advance with the tutors from language 
centre. - Not really necessary. PH to brief language teachers on their own. Marc Georges will be there, San Zhu and hopefully Mar can attend.

ACTION 98/6/12 - DH to produce description and explanation of Demo for tutors. - DONE

ACTION 98/05/22 (MAS) - to check with UCL contracts as to whether all have
been received - STILL OUTSTANDING

ACTION 98/6/19 (UCL) - to contact HH about who is expected at Demo out of the PIPVIC partners.