Videoconference 17/04/98, 10:00-11:00

Louise Clark (LC), UCL
Julian Chesterfield (JC), UCL
Roy Bennett (RB), UCL
Simon Lavington (SL), Essex
Colin Perkins (CSP), UCL 
Ian Campbell (IC), Exeter
Gary Stringer (GS), Exeter
Kris Hasler (KH), UCL
Henry Hughes (HH), UKERNA
Lesley Pitman (LP), SSEES
Paul Hogan (PH), UCL Language Centre


Angela Sasse
David Hearnshaw
Dave Price
Paul Hogan
John Buckett
Sue Sharples

1. Connection and tool check

All fine. IC: Listening but cannot broadcast video or speak
2. Contract update                                                       

SL - Subcontracts have been ammended so payout is no longer dependent on d0.  
Ammended contracts not sent out.
HH - main contract have been sent out, and there are no ammendments to it. 

ACTION 98/04/17-1 (MAS, LC) - Contact UCL Contracts dept to follow up on 
Simon's query

a) Teaching: 
- - - - - Polish Tutorials - Upcoming Evaluation session
evaluation in Essex on tuesday, should produce some interesting results.

SL: Won't know anymore about starting a new polish course until the start of 

GS - Graphics pads seem to work very well with Win '95 machines. Will 
investigate connecting to SGI's.
b) Seminars - upcoming events                                                  

2 seminars scheduled for after easter:-                
Ian Campbell - abstract available from pipvic website
Craig Rodine from OU 

4. AOB 

GS to take over as PIPVIC network contact person from DAP while he is away - 
HH to send proceedures on how to report to NOSC to GS and DAP.

HH: Chris Cheetham taken over MBONE development. He can be contacted by e-mail:


Please add him to the PIPVIC mailing list.

SL followed up on suggestion from before Easter on making simple audio test

CSP - test too simple, as CODECS are made for speech, wouldn't give realistic 
results. Talk to Anna Watson:  a.watson@cs.ucl.ac.uk

ACTION 98/04/17-2 (SL) Liase with Anna Watson, then desing experiment.  

HH - PC tools - where are we?

KH - All fine. No work is currently being done on them. 

CSP - One more RAT bug might be fixed - it's not critical

LC - And an NTE bug...

HH - Are you happy with the tools - or will there be any more updates soon?

KH - No more updates will be made which will affect PIPVIC

CSP - Are people happy with RAT?

LC - Yes

SL - Yes, today the audio is the best ever. 

GS - What is the status on audio cards

CSP - Look at the RAT website   http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mice/rat/FAQ.html

ACTION 98/04/17-3   Add Chris Cheetham to PIPVIC mailing list. 
6. Outstanding Action points 

ACTION 98/04/03-1 (LC) to check about contract for PH at the Language centre 
- - done
ACTION 98/04/03-2 (LC) Check up on where final responsibilities lie over 
dealing with contracts.
 -  Final responsibility lies with UCL - but partners are  expected to make    
their contributions - done

ACTION 98/04/03 -3 : (SS, SL, LP) to coordinate arrangements for new Polish 
 - next week. 

ACTION 98/03/27:(KH, JC) - check which cards work with new version of rat 
 - done
ACTION 98/03/20: PH & MAS to identify some possible dates in late April for 
(language) tutor workshop and email to tutors.
 - outstanding
ACTION 98/03/06-5: More specific info on how best to prepare slides for the 
whiteboard. MAS/LC/KH to look at this and prepare guidelines for
size, shape, fonts, etc.
 - done