Videoconference 15/05/98
Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Kristian Hasler via UTG, UCL (KH)
Dave Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Dave Price, Aber (DAP)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Kristian Hasler via utg, UCL (KH)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
Paul Hogan, UCL (PH)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)  
Henry Hughes, UKERNA (HH)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)

1. Connection and tool check
All fine, lost UCL mrouter for a short while at beginning. LP had problems 
with audio for much of the meeting. 

2. Contract update
LC - Not aware of any problems.

SL - Essex has signed and returned subcontracts. Waiting to hear about 
"ownership of equipment", which is being sorted out by letter.

DAP - Aber contract has been passed over for signing.

JB - Contract from Exeter passed over for signing.

DH - In process, waiting for signatory to return. 

3. Teaching activities:
- - - - - - - - - Mandarin
LC - went well, apart from audio problems in exeter.

PH - One of the students would prefer for the tutor to spend a little more  
time with individuals, and also to use the mediaboard more clearly, so that 
they know what he is pointing at.

JB - One student felt that she struggled with session, due to audio problems. 
she also asked if the tutor could keep the session within the scheduled times.

MAS - Any closer to solving the audio problems?

JB - Not yet. Have ordered two new diamond monster soundcards. Anxious to find 
out what has changed from before.

MAS - Sounds like problems with audio cards.

JB - Strange that it happened on three machines at the same time.

GS + JB - they should arrive in time for the next session.

- - - - - - - - - Italian evaluation
LC - any news?

AV - alberto due back at the weekend. Then they will try to organise something 
with marie danielle. 

JB - she is free the week of the 26th - 29th. 

ACTION 98/05/15 - (aber/exeter)Will arrange a date this coming week.

LC - reminder that the deadline for deliverable has been extended only as late 
as the 29th,
all contributions MUST be handed in sometime before.

DAP - everyone should write up an individual account in advance of the 
evaluation so that they have material to discuss.

- - - - - - - - - Human Rights evaluation(SSEES and Essex)

ACTION - SSEES and essex to arrange evaluation ASAP.   
b) Seminars                                 
- --14/5/98 Jim Dingley from SSEES
LC - given from UCL due to WBD not taking PS files.

DH - Overall sound quite good. Couple of points:- JD talked about recording 
the sessions. Students found that quite useful in previous tutorials which 
were conducted between UCL and Westminster. Also talk of sessions being a part 
of an accredited course unit, this was done woth the remote tutorials which 
worked quite well. The students felt that they actually received more 
individual attention than in a group session.

JB - very interesting, one of the teachers at exeter wants to hear the 

- --21/5/98 Seminar from Essex on mobile robots
Abstract will be available on the web.

HH - Should we advertise more widely, this subject may well be of interest to 
many people?

SL - wants to check a bit more thoroughly that things will work successfully. 
They will have a trial session beforehand.

DAP - Aber experimented with robots locally and it worked quite successfully.

4. Technical and Pedagogical evaluations for the PIPVIC deliverable (15th May)

LC - due today. PLEASE, PLEASE give contributions to UCL. Please send to 
Julian, Louise will be away from next week.

There are two docs. A technical report outlining the machine specifications 
and the technical aspects of the courses. The other report will be a 
evaluation of the sessions. List of outstanding contributions appended at the 
end of minutes.

DAP - was away for a few weeks. Cannot cover network problems for that period. 

MAS - Work together with Exeter on that one. 

LC - will send out a draft today indicating exactly what is missing. Also 
missing anything to do with Italian Evaluation, plus any other evaluations 
which didn't involve UCL.

HH - review will be in June. The second phase will depend upon the write up 
from this project, as to whether the second stage will go ahead. The demo at 
the end of june will be for JANET. It will be a review of videoconferencing 
and the project.

MAS - It is not optional for people to contribute. From now on there will be 
weekly updates of whose contributions we are missing.

5. Update on DEMO

LC - not much changed. Henry to write draft agenda.

HH - hasn't been submitted yet, in discussion on set-up for demo. 

DAP - query about entry on the web page against June 9th, JANET III to go in 
to operation. It already is in operation. Will there be any additional changes?

HH - Current Mbone tunnels could be rearranged. There are plans to do this, 
but not until nearer august. It looks like current Mbone will be the same for 
the PIPVIC demo.

MAS - on Jume 9th there will be some changes to ULCC router as part of the 
SuperJANET III migration.
ACTION 98/05/15 - (UCL) clarify web page entry about JANET III changes.

HH - the actual structure of the routers will not change.  There is a redesign 
in place, the new infrastructure will hopefully be in place for PIPVIC 2.

DAP - The link to the continent is presently saturated.
6. AOB

PH - what is the role of the language teachers at the demo?

LC - we will have to wait and see what the agenda will be.

HH - there will be a main PIPVIC demo in the lecture theatre, the activities 
in the cloiserts will be to demonstrate other projects involving mbone tools.

PH - need more details to give to tutors.

MAS - most of the activity will be around lunchtime. It might also be useful 
to have tutors around then to answer one to one questions about the 
experience. Possibly a live language demo.

7. outstanding Action Points

ACTION 98/05/08 (HH)  will check and sort out agreement letter to clarify 
"title of equipment" clause.  DONE - letter received from HH, passed to UCL 
contracts who will send letter on to partners.

ACTION 98/05/01 - (KH) Write up report on UTG experience. DONE

KH - it's been OK. Laptop not quite powerful enough with all the other tools 
running at the same time.

ACTION 98/05/08 (MAS) - will replace machine in UCL language lab and update 
mrouter as soon as new machine has arrived. IN PROCESS, Machine has arrived. 
We are waiting for the systems people to install it.

ACTION 98/05/08 (aber - exeter) - to finalise date for italian evaluation 
session - PENDING

ACTION 98/05/08 (JD/LP) - urgently organise evaluation session for HR course 
in contact with Maria 
SL - people should be aware that they won't be able to do a group meeting as 

LC - important to talk to the students.

LP - Haven't really had continuous student participants. Only two attended 
more than one session. They will try to get some writtem evals from them, but 
it is difficult to get hold of them right now during exam time.

MAS - even if we could try and arrange individual sessions with each of them. 
Some response is absoloutely essential. We would be prepared to pay them to 
come along. 

ACTION 98/05/08 (MAS/LC) - try to arrange seminar by Anne Adams on privacy 
issues in videoconferencing/recording - She's been ill. So far unable to 
arrange anything.

ACTION 98/05/08 (HH)- will send out more details on friday afternoon about the 
demo. - IN PROCESS

ACTION 98/05/01 - All to try to get hold of language teachers for seminar. - 
ON HOLD, waiting for agenda of demo.

ACTION 98/05/01 (All) Forward contributions on PIPVIC deliverable to LC next 
week or ASAP. - Still in process.

ACTION 98/04/24(GS, DAP, AV) to arrange Italian evaluation session and to 
check with Marie-Danielle. - PENDING

ACTION 98/04/24 - Essex, SSEES, UCL Language Centre, and Aber will arrange for 
language teachers to be at final demonstration on June 30th. - ON HOLD

ACTION 98/05/08 (UCL) - will send out details of tools available for network 
monitoring and recommendations from last friday's meeting. - Colin sent out 
documentation to just UCL people. Tool only available at UCL at present.

DAP - huge amount of trasffic going up to Edinburgh, is there a non pruning 
router up there? Will look into.

SL - arranged an introductory polish session for next tues 19th. What is the 

LP - will check with Jim. Email today.

SL - maybe we should move the intro session to nearer next term. There are 
negotiations between SSEES and the Pan european institute for more substantial 
plans for next year. Also need advice on group participation, echo canceller 

MAS - we have a different setup at UCL. 

HH - try contacting the national Videoconferencing Advice people.

MAS - what kind of session will it be? Depends on whether people are just 
listening or interacting?

SL - Try six participants around three machines with headsets.

MAS - you must mute each audio from the two other machines so that the 
participants do not hear the others in the room through RAT as well as in 
person. There will be a delay on the audio tool.
LC - cannot mute other particcpants in RAT with the PC version.
SL - will be abroad from next week, Sue will be there during that time.        

Screen dump of session available at:-

Outstanding contributions to the final PIPVIC reports:

Comment to draft, and input into yet unwritten summary and conclusions
chapters are welcomed. Below is a list for each deliverable D1 and D2,
and which subsections still need to be filled in. Section number relate to the drafts available from web.

Deliverable D1


* (Software)


* 2.2.3 (Hardware, software, and local network settings)


* 2.2.5 (Hardware, software, and local network settings)


* 2.2.6 (Hardware, software, and local network settings)
* 2.3 (Outside connectivity)
* 3.3 (Network performance - results)
* Input into 3.4 (summary and conclusions of network performance)

Deliverable D2


* (Together with Aber) Section 2.2.6 (Description of Italian trials - please see
draft for template)

* (Together with Aber) Section (Session Quality Rating for

* (Together with UCL) Section (Session Quality Rating for

* (Together with Aber) Section (Task related asessment for

* (Together with UCL) Section (Task related assessment for

* (Together with Aber) Section (Overall assessment for

* (Together with UCL) Section (Overall assessment for Mandarin)


* (Together with Exeter) Section 2.2.6 (Description of Italian trials - please see
draft for template)

* (Together with Exeter) Section (Session Quality Rating for

* (Together with Exeter) Section (Task related asessment for

* (Together with Exeter) Section (Overall assessment of Italian)


* (Together with SSEES) Section (Session Quality Rating for
Social Sciences)

* (Together with SSEES) Section (TAsk related assessment for
social sciences)

* (Together with SSEES) Section (Overall assessment for social


* The missing bits in section 2.2.7 (Description of the social science

* (Together with Essex) Section (Session Quality Rating for
Social Sciences)

* (Together with Essex) Section (TAsk related assessment for
social sciences)

* (Together with Essex) Section (Overall assessment for social