Videoconference 13/02/98 10.00-11.00


Louise Clark, UCL (LC)
Colin Perkins, UCL (CSP)
David Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Henry Hughes, UCL (HH)
Gary Stringer, Exeter (GS)
Angela Sasse, UCL (MAS)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Paul Hogan, UCL Language Center (PH)
Jim Dingley, SSEES (JD)
Kris Hasler, UCL (KH)

0. Apologies

Dave Price (Aber)

1. Connection and tool check

All there.  Audio from Essex a bit haphazard ...

2. Contract update (MAS)

Contracts will be sent out today - hopefully. If anyone need confirmation of the
amount of money, let MAS know a confirmation will be sent out.

3. Update on structured activities


French for lawyers is finished  - Meet-the-tutor & debrief Feb. 17

Spanish for lawyers has now a start date: 23 Feb. Time table on the web.

Polish: JD - session last Wed went well, lots of Polish was being taught.
            LC - problems with audio, but session took place.  Suggests that we continue (whilst trying to fix audio) provided students are happy to continue
            LC - UCL will try out 2 new audio cards asap - Turtlebeach Daytona & Malibu, Ensoniq Diamond Monster
            HH - can we have list of audio cards which don't work

ACTION98/02/13-1 (KH & GS) Publish list of cards tested

            CSP - Please inform rat-trap@cs.ucl.ac.uk and we'll update the FAQ http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mice/rat/FAQ.html

            LC - Mandarin tutor has tested pen input and is satisfied

ACTION98/02/13-2 (LC) Order 3 pen input tablets
            GS - Gravis audio cards reliable, but discontinued

ACTION98/02/13-3 (ALL) Buy Gravis cards if you come across them.

        KH - No Polish characters in nte (on windows!) yet, but will have them ready by next Wednesday

        SL - Human Rights course due to begin
        Essex - SSEES

        MAS -   UCL to help Essex & SSEES with setup and testing of this course


Feb 12     UCL - Introduction to PIPVIC Project - Angela Sasse

               MAS - seminar took place yesterday, contribution from HH came across well (despite broken speakers in the room 229)
               DH - reception at Westminster good
ACTION98/02/13-4 (Speakers) Provide abstracts for their talks

Feb 19         Aber - Setting up routers and tunnels etc. - Dave Price
Feb 26         Westminster - desktop conferencing for remote education - David Hearnshaw
Mar 5          Aber -  snmp monitoring of mrouters - Dave Price
Mar 12         (UCL - Congestion Control)
Mar 19         Exeter - Introduction to multicasting
Mar 26

4. Network monitoring proposal

Draft has been up - comments received from SL and HH

  HH- after meeting some immediate changes have been made to routing which should improve link to Essex.
      ULCC -RAL rerouted Feb. 17
      Feb. 24 - access links will be increased to 2Mb

ACTION98/02/13-5  (All sites) to monitor their local links and report problems immediately to the PIPVIC mailing list + start looking carefully at loading of local networks and workstations.

ACTION98/02/13-6 (MAS) - check with Panos/John Andrews whether data have been recorded
ACTION98/02/13-7 (LC) - ensure that all  PIPVIC seminars and weekly meetings are recorded using mmcr

ACTION98/02/13-8 (MAS) check with John Andrews and Andy Murray (ISD) that local links at UCL have monitored   and report back.
CSP - rtpdump is not little-endian compatible. It could take a while to fix. Colin will look into it.

ACTION98/02/13-9 (CSP) Look into making rtpdump little-endian compatible

5. AOB

LC - Maintain weekly meetings?
HH - carry on with weekly meetings until audio problems and network problems have been solved.

6. Action points from previous meetings

ACTION 98/23/01-2 (MAS/LC/KH) Find solution to problem with foreign
letters on keyboards.

Pending  - for PCs

ACTION 2 09/12/97 - MAS to ensure subcontracts are issued by UCL as soon as


ACTION 98/01/23-5  All sites to set up pipvic webpage (SSEES, Exeter, UCL Language Center)

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