Videoconference 12/06/98
Julian Chesterfield, UCL (JC)
Paul Hogan, UCL (PH)
Simon Lavington, Essex (SL)
Sue Sharples, Essex (SS)
Dave Price, Aber (DAP)
Dave Hearnshaw, Westminster (DH)
Kris Hasler, UCL (KH)
Lesley Pitman, SSEES (LP)
John Buckett, Exeter (JB)
Nac Datta, Exeter (ND)

Angela Sasse, UCL                        
Louise Clark, UCL
Colin Perkins, UCL                                                             
Roy Bennett, UCL
Henry Hughes, UKERNA                                                   


1. Connection and tool check
All fine. Westminster sounds much clearer today, DH using SGI. DAP reported 
network problems for router at Bath.

2. Contract update

DH - when he spoke to the people responsible for signing it, he was told that 
UCL UCI was no longer running. The people at Westminster are looking in to it.

SL - Query over ownership of equipment has been sorted out.                   

3. Teaching activities                     
- - - - - - - - Mandarin Evaluation

PH - all fine.

ACTION 98/06/12 - JC to produce agenda/questionnaires for evaluation on 

DAP - Have there been any changes to the UKMbone? Can no longer send probes 
to collect data, also some routers seem to have changed.

4. Update on DEMO

DH - we could go to each site and each make some points, 2 good, 1 bad. Show 
that multicast traffic is possible. It should all be scripted in advance. 
ACTION 98/06/12- all sites to send details to DH of what they would like to 
say at Demo.

PH - won't be there for the demo. Do you want Language centre to join in 

DH - Not really necessary since Language centre so nearby and tutors will be 
needed in the cloisters. 

DAP - there will be tutors at Aber to join in remotely.

ACTION 98/06/12- DAP to ask tutors at Aber to produce a few good and bad 
points about remote teaching.

SL - only practical to have one spokesperson per site due to short timescale. 
Sarah to represent Essex. Simon to speak with her.

PH - Will tutors be needed for the rehearsal?

DAP - no planned changes to Mbone. Lots of traffic loss from London. 
Especially SSEES.

ACTION 12/06/98 - JC to check with CSP about SSEES router.

SS - on rehearsal day, how much of the day will be needed? Morning or afternoon

DAP - techies in the morning, the rest of the rehearsal to take place in the 

SL - 10 to 11 in the morning techies. Rest available 2-3:30. 

DH - should be fine as long as script is ready in advance.

ND - Gary and John will be around.

DAP - won't be in Aber Monday afternoon. AV will be there in the afternoon    

5. AOB

6. outstanding Action Points

ACTION 98/6/5 - (LC) to email more details of the individual presentations. 

ACTION98/6/5 - (UCL) set up meeting in advance with the tutors from language 

ACTION 98/6/5 - UCL to produce description and explanation of Demo for tutors.
- More to follow from DH.

ACTION 98/05/22 (MAS) - to check with UCL contracts as to whether all have
been received - OUTSTANDING
DAP - quality is not good enough today to show the demo.

SL - we should include UKERNA in the rehearsal to check that they are happy 
the quality is good enough.

DAP - we cannot prevent overloaded traffic, it is possible that UKERNA could 
have some control over it. Maybe we would be better off trying to keep the 
number of participants down.