Seminar from UCL - Lorenzo Vicisano

Thursday March 12, 14.00-15.00

Congestion Control for Multicast IP

The performance degradation of the current M-bone and its possible development to a more stable and widely spread infrastructure pose the problem of congestion avoidance for multicast wide area networks. Two
ways seem viable to face it: resource reservation and/or application adaption. The first solution is probably the only acceptable for applications that have throughput and/or latency constraints. On the other side, applications that can adapt to the quality of service offered by the network, are potential good citizens for the traditional best effort portion of the M-bone. For these applications, end-to-end congestion control mechanisms are being studied by the research community.

This presentation will concern multicast congestion control through application adaption. It will review the basic mechanisms proposed so far concentrating on two of them:  `store-and-forward (transcoder) agents' and `layered receiver driven'. Major problems such as scalability and TCP-friendliness will be considered in the discussion.

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