Piloting IP VIdeoConferencing

The PIPVIC project is the second phase in the JANET Videoconferencing Strategy which aim is to investigate the role of IP based videoconferencing on networks like JANET. The strategy has three stages:

1. IP based videoconferencing packaging improvements to provide user friendly, easily installable, well documented software to end users. The work in this stage is covered by the Shrimp project.

2. Piloting activities to understand issues which may be encountered in running a large scale IP videoconferencing service with emphasis on network congestion and user perception of service. This is the PIPVIC project.

3. Enhancements to the current JANET IP Service to enable quality of service guarantees.

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Partner Sites

School of Slavonic and East European Studies of the University of London(SSEES)
University College London (UCL)
University College London Language Centre
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
University of Essex
University of Exeter
University of Westminster

Software Tools

Shrimp Multicast tools

Structured Activities

Form to be filled out after each meetings and seminars by all participants.

Questionnaire for all participants of seminars and meetings to fill out - just once - Thanks.

Workshops: Teaching Activities
Network Monitoring: Application Level

Project Meetings

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D0 - Collection and analysis of Mbone traffic statistics V1:  rtf  PostScript

D1 - A report on the technical aspects of the pilot. DRAFT available in Word7
D1 Appendix. Available in Word7

D2 - A report on the effectiveness of IP videoconferencing for the applications used within the pilot. DRAFT available in Word7

D3 - A 'live' demonstration of IP videoconferencing. Demo info for partners

D4 - Collection and analysis of Mbone traffic statistics V2. DRAFT available in Word7



PIPVIC Paper presented Networkshop in Aberdeen, 1 April 1998 (html version)


Shrimp-picture3 - Small group tutorial, using individual tools
Screen dump of meeting


Italian questionnaire for tutors rtf
Italian questionnaire for students rtf

PIPVIC Multicast Addresses

Sdr session "PIPVIC (Private)" or


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