PIPVIC - French for Lawyers

French for Lawyers is one of the structured activities in PIPVIC. Frenchis being taught by Michaël Benguigui from the UCL Language Center to 3students at Exeter University.


Monday         12/1/98   09.00-10.00
Thursday       15/1/98   14.00-15.00
Monday         19/1/98   09.00-10.00
Wednesday    21/1/98    17.00-18.00
Monday         26/1/98   09.00-10.00
Wednesday    28/1/98    17.00-18.00
CANCELLED Thursday       29/1/98   14.00-15.00 CANCELLED
Monday         2/2/98     09.00-10.00
Wednesday    4/2/98      17.00-18.00
Monday         9/2/98     09.00-11.00 NOTE - THIS IS NOW A TWO HOUR SESSION


Proposed date for workshop at UCL is Tuesday 17 February. On this day the students and tutor will meet each other face-to-face, and the tutorials will be evaluated.


Assessment forms

Assessment forms should be filled out after each session.

Each student and tutor should fill out form this form,
and one technical assistant at each site should fill out this form.


A report detailing the results of the evaluation of French for lawyers is now available: As usual, comments are more than welcome.

PIPVIC French-for-Lawyers Multicast Addresses

Sdr session "PIPVIC French (Private)" or


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