Form for Subjective Quality Assessments and Network Monitoring

This form is meant as an aid to document subjective quality assessments and/or the state of the network during PIPVIC activities. Please fill in relevant sections of the form and press submit. Submitted forms will be made available from the PIPVIC website. 



Nature of session (tutorial, meeting, seminar): 

Site: UCL Exeter Aberystwyth Essex SSEES Westminster 

Network Problems

Network problems encountered during session (please describe):

Remedial action taken:

Subjective Quality Assessment

In order to get an impression on the impact of the network users' perception of quality, it might be helpful if you would rate the quality of the audio and video. Please rate the overall quality of the audio and video in the session, by giving a number between 0-100 for audio and video respectively. 0 represents the worse quality you can imagine; 100 represent the best quality you can imagine. You should not rate the quality in terms of what you are used to from TV - but in terms of how adequate the audio and video is for the kind of tutorial that you are taking part in. If you have got any comments relating to your rating or the quality, please add them in the comments boxes below.

Audio (0-100): 
Please enter any comments you may have about the audio quality in the box:

Video (0-100): 
Please enter any comments you may have about the video quality in the box:


Please enter any other comments you may have here:

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