PIPVIC Demo 30 June 1998


This page is for UCL people only...

Action points from preliminary demo meeting at UCL Friday 24 April:

In Gustave Tuck lecture theatre: 1 workstation, 1 PC, echo cancellor, two video projectors etc...

Technical mailing list to be set up Message to request List of contact telephone number during tests and "real thing" Communication between UCL people on the day Plan of exactly who is doing what at each site


PCs: tools and setup (Kris)

Workstations: tools and setup (Colin)

Network stuff (Colin/John Andrews and Andy Murray)

Catering (Angela)

Signposts on the day, forward instructions on how to get here to UKERNA (Julian) (Hint: see the UCL CS webpage)

Glossy Flier (Louise and Angela)

Website (Louise)

PIPVIC Multicast Addresses

Sdr session "PIPVIC (Private)" or


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