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Publicity for the MICE project

Since the inception of the project, there has been an ever-increasing interest shown by individual researchers and the media.

We have created a list of MICE publicity items which include events, demonstrations, video recordings and press articles. Where relevant there are references to archive images, video and sound.

Typical MICE events

The following screen images are examples of actual use of MICE tools for conferencing by MICE and various related projects.

MICE - typical conference.......139 KB
MICE - an early intercontinental conference.......230 KB
DIMAGIO - medical demonstration.......125 KB
ReLaTe - language teaching........77 KB

Events in which MICE has participated

August 14, 1994 : First BBC Radio 5 broadcast LIVE on Internet

The BBC used the MBONE/CuSeeMe to broadcast (multicast) to the UK MBONE.

November 3, 1994 : The Global Schoolhouse world-wide videoconference

View from UCL (250 KB)

November 28, 1994 : Mbone launch of the ArtAIDS project

The MICE DIMAGIO team orchestrated the MBONE launch (reported on BBC Radio Five LIVE) of the ArtAIDS project.

May 16 - September 5, 1995 : The Hamming lecture series

This series was originally multicast by the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California between March 28 and June 9, 1995. Don Brutzman and Tracey Emswiler were responsible for the original transmissions and provided the tapes used for the retransmission to Europe at an earlier time of day by the MICE NSC England.

The screen image recorded at UCL - 16 May 1995 (115 KB)

At a future date this series will be made available on-line at the Naval Postgraduate School.

July 19, 1995 : MICE demonstration at IETF Stockholm

This demonstration was one of a series of eight and is distinguished by having 22 participants sending video simultaneously.

View from UCL (297 KB)

Academic papers published by the MICE project

There are a number of academic papers produced by the project which you might like to read. Some of these are available as PostScript files on our ftp server.

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