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Protocol MIC-6 - Manual Control Interface

This protocol is a command and diagnostic interface to the Channel Server. It is to be used for manual conference control when the automatic interfaces cannot perform the required task for any reason, and for other diagnostic purposes. Like the other MIC protocols, it will consist of a command interpreter in the Channel Server, but unlike the other MIC protocols, it is intended for both human and machine use. More than one connection to the Channel Server can be made at once using MIC-6. The syntax of the protocol is incompletely defined, and is expected to evolve over time as more features of the channel server are implemented. Once the protocol has finalised, we envisage it being used to do Channel Server monitoring using a graphical user interface, in order to provide part of a CMMC operators console.

Note also that the prototype channel server running in Jan 1994 has a graphical interface built in. This is to aid development, and will disappear when the CMMC moves from being a prototype to being a pilot service, as it would then prevent the CMMC from being run automatically.
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