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Appendix 1: Packetization of H.261 video streams

The material in this appendix is taken from the internet draft report draft-ietf-avt-video-packet-02.txt, by Thierry Turletti and Christian Huitema of INRIA. The material contained in it describes the packet format for H.261 video adopted by the MICE project. The packet format described evolved as a result of discussions between a large number of people, notably Thierry Turletti, Christian Huitema, Jon Crowcroft, Ian Wakeman, Geir Pedersen and Mark Handley. It is sufficiently fundamental to the ongoing MICE work that it is reproduced here in it's entirity. The draft described expires in May 1994.

Packetization of H.261 video streams

December 10, 1993

Thierry Turletti, Christian Huitema INRIA
Mon Jan 10 18:40:57 GMT 1994