Bitfield H.261 Video Compression Board

This is a brief description of the board. A full technical specification is available from the supplier.

The card is a full length PC/AT-board, and can be used in machines with an ISA or EISA bus.

Coding algorithm:
Video format:
Frame rate:
NTSC 7.5, 10, 15, 30 frames/s
PAL 6.25, 8.33, 12.5, 25 frames/s
CIF (352x288)
QCIF (176x144)
Data rate:
0 - 2048 kbps
Video inputs:
1. composite or Y/C
2. composite
Video output:
composite, Y/C or RGB
G.711 (PCM), 64 or 56 kbps, 3.5 KHZ
7 KHZ optional daughter board
The card is controlled from software, and most settings can be adjusted at any time (PAL or NTSC is set at startup). The card can also display overlays, and it's possible to grab images directly from the board or put images onto the board (the display memory consist of one luminace bank (Y) and two color-difference banks (CB, CR)).

The price in April 1995 was about US$5000 for the basic card with G.711 audio. The optional motion estimation daughter board was a further US$ 600.

Contact Bitfield Oy for latest specifications and fuller details.