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1994 - 1998

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May 16 - September 5, 1995 : The Hamming lecture series

This series was originally multicast by the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California between March 28 and June 9, 1995. Don Brutzman and Tracey Emswiler were responsible for the original transmissions and provided the tapes used for the retransmission to Europe at an earlier time of day by the MICE NSC England.

The screen image recorded at UCL - 16 May 1995 (115 KB)

At a future date this series will be made available on-line at the Naval Postgraduate School.

July, 1995 : multicast of Stormy Waters by the MICE-NSC Scotland

Stormy Waters was an international artistic collaboration. Digital artists from five continents sent images via the Internet to the event site on the River Clyde at Glasgow, where they were incorporated into a live arts show which included music and dance (even the shipyard cranes danced). The performance was watched by 3000 people on site and the live performance was multicast around the world on the Mbone by the MICE-NSC Scotland.

July 24-27th, 1995 : demonstration by the Welsh NSC at the Royal Welsh Show,

The MICE NSC Wales was invited to demonstrate at the Royal Welsh Show, the largest agricultural show in the UK, with an attendance of approximately a quarter of a million people over 4 days. The show is one of the principle social and cultural events of the Welsh calendar.

View from UCL (189 KB)

December 5, 1995 : UKERNA demonstration for Robin Squire MP

This demonstration was mounted for Robin Squire, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Education and Employment, on his visit to UKERNA. MICE NSCs in England and Scotland participated.

View from UCL (155 KB)

February 16, 1996 : Remote lecture to the HP Distance Learning Initiative workshop at UCL

A lecture was delivered by Peter Feil of the NSC Germany, University of Stuttgart, to the remote lecure room at UCL.

View from UCL (110 KB)

May 21, 1996 : Distributed Gigabit Networking Colloquium at Manchester and UCL

A colloquium was held by the IEE with local audiences at Manchester and at UCL. Speakers were from both sites which were linked by a 2Mb ATM link.

View from UCL (142 KB)

Other typical Mbone events

The following screen images are examples of actual use of Mbone tools for conferencing by MICE and various related projects.

MICE - typical conference.......139 KB
MICE - an early intercontinental conference.......230 KB
DIMAGIO - medical demonstration.......125 KB
ReLaTe - language teaching........77 KB

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