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1994 - 1998

This is one of a number of National Support Centres which were set up in European countries to provide support for those wishing to make use of the Mbone multimedia conferencing tools piloted in the MICE project - see below for details.

This centre and the others in Scotland and Wales are no longer supported by UKERNA, the United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association.

The sites remain, but UKERNA have set up a new support centre:
JANET Videoconferencing Advisory Service (VCAS)
to which UK users should address specific enquiries for support.

Getting started with IP multicast and the MBONE

Look here if you want to get connected to the Mbone

The Mbone tools

This site contains software and user guides for many of the tools.

Events and publicity

Some examples of applications and events that have used the Mbone tools.

The MICE, MERCI and MECCANO projects

The Esprit project MICE, which lasted from December 1992 to September 1995, was the initial inspiration for the MICE NSCs.

It was succeeded by the Multimedia European Research Conferencing Integration (MERCI) project in the Telematics Applications Programme of the EU, which ran from December 1995 to November 1997.

The MECCANO Project continues in broadly the same area of research; it started in June 1998 and will complete in May 2000.

Last updated November 1999