Multimedia European Research Conferencing Integration

Events and publicity

Publicity for the MERCI project

The great interest shown by researchers and the media in the preceeding MICE project is reflected in that project's repository of images and descriptions. This interest continues for MERCI.
Here is a list of MERCI publicity items including events, demonstrations, video recordings and press articles. Where relevant there are references to archive images, video and sound.
The MERCI network
The network used for the Mbone contacts between partners and others. The high-speed Mbone is based on the JAMES links.
Typical MERCI events
These include meetings, seminars and workshops.
Events in which MERCI has participated
Mainly demonstrations and conferences.
Publicity material
Printed materials and PowerPoint slides of presentations

Typical MERCI events

The following screen image is an example of the use of MERCI tools for a regular weekly conference by project.

A typical conference

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The Globecom'96 Mini-conference, London, November 1996

This event was multicast to the MBONE by the MERCI team at UCL.

Events in which MERCI has participated

March 1996 : CeBIT96

The screen image recorded at UCL - 19 March 1996.......159 KB

November 1996 : Globecom'96

MERCI team members multicast the Keynote address by Sir Iain Vallance, Chairman BT, and the proceedings of the 2 day Global Internet '96 miniconference. The following selection of jpeg images are photographs of workstation screens.

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April 1997 : COST237 Euroseminar

A talk given by Jon Crowcroft over the Mbone entitled The Future of Multicast, RSVP and Integrated Services in the Internet.

The screen image recorded at UCL - 25 April 1997.......72 KB

April 1997 : MERCI Seminar

This seminar, entitled COVISE: Collaborative Visualization and Simulation Environment, was given by Andreas Wierse.

The screen image recorded at UCL - 30 April 1997.......112 KB

June 1997 : MERCI Seminar

This Cray programming course was given from RUS.

The audio window recorded at UCL - 5 June 1997.......31 KB

Typical slide recorded at UCL - 5 June 1997.......102 KB

Cray design slide recorded at UCL - 5 June 1997.......125 KB

Publicity material

Printable handouts