Multimedia European Research Conferencing Integration

What is the MERCI project?

This is a summary of the project objectives and work planned. The complete Project Plan is available also as RTF.
The objective of the project is to provide all the technology components, other than the data network itself, to allow proper deployment of the tools for European multimedia collaboration in Europe.

We will improve our tools over the earlier MICE tools, which were developed during 1992-95, in many important aspects:

Verification activities will be pursued both inside the project and in other Telematics projects: Besides tools from earlier EU projects, it will utilise results from concurrent Telematics projects:

The work packages

There are 13 workpackages in the project.
  1. Management

  2. Activity with External Groups

  3. MM Conference Components and cross-platform support

  4. Usability and Assessment

  5. Interworking

  6. Network Support

  7. Multimedia Server

  8. Conference Management and Control

  9. Conference Room Support

  10. Security

  11. MERCI Seminars

  12. Surgical Workshop

  13. Commercial Trials