HOW is it being done

MEDAL will use existing Mbone multimedia conferencing tools as the research platform :

This research is multi-disciplinary, and requires experience in real-time information coding, usability (HCI), fixed and mobile networking, and computing to produce enhanced quality flexible multimedia systems for use over fixed and mobile networks.

The research is novel because the combination of the shared heterogenous packet network with seamless multicast access from restricted bandwidth mobile users, and the use of heterogenous platforms that do not provide support for real-time applications make this a new problem. Consequently, existing research is not directly applicable.

The development of improved quality audio and video, and the integration of enhanced reality and computer-based training facilities into existing multimedia conference facilities is a necessary development for distance learning, if commercially viable systems are to result.

Development of publicly available enhanced quality multiway audio and video facilities for use in distance learning. Development of real-time multimedia multicast mobile network access for distance learning. Integration of enhanced reality systems into the distance learning facilities.