Authoring on the Fly: A Method of Integrating (Tele-)Presentations and Multimedia Production

Wolfgang Hürst, University of Freiburg

The main objective of the seminar was to introduce and test the Authoring on the Fly (AOF) toolkit. This toolkit includes a complete system for creating, transmitting, storing and reproducing multimedia content to be used in distributed presentations. The AOF whiteboard (AOFwb) was used in addition to the standard MECCANO audio and video tools. In addition to the presentation of prepared material, including high resolution graphics, AOFwb allows the lecturer to interactively edit text, point to objects and outline parts of the material.

Only five partners were able to participate in the seminar due to connectivity problems experienced by many partners. Sound quality was good but the video was not received by all of the participating sites. AOFrec itself worked correctly.