Seminar series


Seminars will normally be announced in SDR and may also be found in the UCL secure conference store.

28 September

Recording of an IRI seminar held at HP Labs, Bristol.
Snapshots were taken at RUS to document the quality of H.261 encoded video sent with bitrates between 20kbps and 130kbps.

7 October

Avatars, intelligent agents and user identification. Would you buy a used PC from this avatar?
Colin Krawchuck
An IRI seminar transmitted from HP Labs, Bristol.
Screen image recorded at UCL (193 KB).


1 February

Authoring on the Fly: A Method of Integrating (Tele-)Presentations and Multimedia Production
Wolfgang Hürst, University of Freiburg
Organized by Jochen Lienhard from the University of Freiburg

17 May

Walid Dabbous, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Screen images recorded at partner sites

Hewlett-Packard Science Lectures

These seminars were multicast from UCL. The first three were multicast via a TEN-155 VPN link to INRIA and then via the INRIA DBS satellite facility provided by EUTELSAT. This facility has been used by MECCANO to experiment with high bandwidth multimedia conferencing tools for education and research. The last was transmitted using the normal European Mbone.

The seminars are video recordings of the original seminars given to MECCANO partner Hewlett-Packard's Basic Research Institute in the Mathematical Sciences (BRIMS) in Bristol in 1997 and 1998.

7 June

C_60 Buckminsterfullerene: Not Just a Pretty Molecule
Professor Sir Harry Kroto FRS
Royal Society Research Professor of Chemistry, University of Sussex
Delivered originally and recorded 9 July 1997

5 July 15:00 BST

Topology and Quantum Physics: from Knots to Quarks
Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS
Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
Delivered originally and recorded 25 May 1997

16 August 15:00 BST

Tools for Brains: how Technology Created Human Consciousness
Professor Daniel Dennett
Department of Philosophy, Tufts University
Delivered originally and recorded 10 December 1997

6 September 15:00 BST

Tangles, Bangles and Knots
Professor John Conway FRS
Professor of Mathematics, University of Princeton
Delivered originally and recorded 29 April 1998
Screen image recorded at ACC (45 KB)


24 January

The features of the Digital Lecture Board (DLB)
Screen images recorded at partner sites

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