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Papers published

K. W. Stuhlmueller, M. Link, B. Girod and U. Horn, "Scalable Internet Video Streaming With Unequal Error Protection", Packet Video Workshop, New York, 26/27 April 1999.

J. Crowcroft, M. Handley, C. Bormann, J. Ott "The Internet Multimedia Conferencing Architecture", Computer Networks Journal Special Issue on IP Telephony, March 1999.

J.Toga and J.Ott "ITU-T Standardization Activities for Interactive Multimedia Communications on Packet-based Networks: H.323 and Related Recommendations", Computer Networks Journal Special Issue on IP Telephony, March 1999.

U. Horn, K.W. Stuhlmueller, M. Link, and B. Girod, "Robust Internet Video Transmission Based on Scalable Coding and Unequal Error Protection", Image Communication, Special Issue on Real-Time Video over the Internet 1999.

"Global Scope Video-Conferencing Using Meccano Tools", Proc. Multimedia in Business, Czestochowa Poland, March 1999.

J-C. Bolot, S. Fosse-Parisis, D. Towsley, "Adaptive FEC-Based error control for Internet Telephony", Proc. Infocom '99, New York, NY, March 1999.

B. Girod, K.W. Stuhlmueller, M. Link and U. Horn, "Packet Loss Resilient Internet Video Streaming", In Proceedings of SPIE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP'99), San Jose, California, January 1999.

"Selected aspects of SVDA" was presented at the "TopUnix" conference 23-24 Nov 1998, Krakow, Poland.

B. Girod and K. W. Stuhlmueller, "A Content-Dependent Fast DCT for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding", International Conf. on Image Processing, October 1998, Chicago.

P. T. Kirstein, "QoS in COIAS and MECCANO", QUTE'98 Workshop, Eurescom, Heidelberg, Germany, 14/15 October 1998.

L. Lambrinos, P. T. Kirstein, V. Hardman: "The Multicast Multimedia Conference Recorder". Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, 12-15 Otober 1998

C. Perkins, O. Hodson, and V. Hardman: "A Survey of Packet-Loss Recovery Techniques for Streaming Audio". IEEE Network, Vol 12 No.5, Sept/Oct 1998.

"The architecture of SVDA", in Proc. Multimedia and Network Information Systems conference, Wroclaw, Poland, 17-18 Sep 1998.

B. Girod, N. Färber and K. Stuhlmüller: "Internet Video Streaming", IEEE 10th Tyrrhenian Workshop on Digital Communications (Multimedia Communications), Ischia, September, 1998

V. Hardman, A. Sasse, and I. Kouvelas: "Successful Multi-Party Audio Communication over the Internet", Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery, Vol. 41(5), pages 74-80.

Papers accepted

N. Faerber, K.W. Stuhlmueller and B. Girod, "Analysis of Error Propagation in Hybrid Video Coding with Application to Error Resilience", ICIP, Kobe, Japan, October, 1999.

Papers submitted

K.W. Stuhlmueller, N. Faerber, M. Link and B. Girod, "Analysis of Video Transmission over Lossy Channels", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communication, Special Issue on Error Resilient Image and Video Transmission, 1999.

Standards contributions

Colin Perkins, Jonathan Rosenberg & Henning Schulzrinne, "RTP testing strategies", IETF Audio/Video Transport working group, August 1999, draft-ietf-avt-rtptest-01.txt

Colin Perkins, "RTP Interoperability Statement", IETF Audio/Video Transport working group, August 1999, draft-ietf-avt-rtp-interop-01.txt.

Mark Handley & Colin Perkins, "Guidelines for Writers of RTP Payload Format Specifications", IETF Audio/Video Transport working group, June 1999, draft-ietf-avt-rtp-format-guidelines-03.txt

Mark Handley, Colin Perkins & Edmund Whelan, "Session Announcement Protocol", IETF Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group, June 1999, draft-ietf-mmusic-sap-v2-01.txt.

Reha Civanlar, Vahe Balabanian, Andrea Basso, Steve Casner, Carsten Herpel & Colin Perkins, "RTP Payload Format for MPEG-4 Streams", IETF Audio/Video Transport Working Group, February 1999, draft-ietf-avt-rtp-mpeg4-01.txt.

Through J. Ott of UB we have made contributions to the following elements of revised Draft H.323

C. Bormann, L. Cline, G. Deisher, T. Gardos, C. Maciocco, D. Newell, J. Ott, G. Sullivan, S. Wenger, C. Zhu, "RTP Payload Format for the 1998 Version of ITU-T Rec. H.263 Video (H.263+)", RFC 2429, October 1998.

C. Perkins, O. Hodson, "Options for Repair of Streaming Media", IETF Audio/Video Transport Working Group, RFC 2354, June 1998.

Other Publications

T. Turletti, S. Fosse-Parisis, J-C. Bolot, ``Experiments with a layered transmission scheme over the Internet''.

F. Lyonnet, ``An application-level CPU scheduler for teleconferencing systems'', June 1998.

F. Lyonnet, "Support des applications multimedia sur l'Internet incluant des liens sans fil", PhD thesis (in French), Sept. 1998.

MECCANO Experience with the TEN-155 Managed Bandwidth Service Alpha Test. Report to QUANTUM Project, 26 April 1999

Approaches to Multicast over Firewalls: an Analysis, Loic Oria, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, England, August 1999.

Evaluation of the Marratech tools, Roy Bennett and Piers O'Hanlon, UCL, February 2000.

German user manuals have been written for members of the working group "DMC in the Baden-Württemberg Research Network", members of the REDISE project, professors and students at "Fachhochschul für Druck und Neue Medien" and others.

"Scalable Video Distribution Architecture" has been published on the ACC Meccano web server:

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