MECCANO Telematics for Research Project 4007

Visits since 1 February 2000

MECCANO ran from 1 June 1998 to 31 May 2000.



The objective of the project is to provide all the technology components, other than the data network itself, to support collaborative research and technical development through the deployment of enhanced tools for multimedia collaboration in Europe. The project will improve and deploy the existing conferencing toolsets with a particular application aim of distance education and of conferencing. Improvements will occur in many important aspects: Verification activities will be pursued both inside the project and in other Telematics projects which stress each of the technical activities.

Project plan

This is an edited draft of the project plan, the complete version is available on the private section of the server.

Project partners

The following institutions are partners in the MECCANO project: and they are located here:

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Events and Publicity

The project is featured in the Prosoma Showcase

We have a repository of posters and other publicity materials.

The project is committed to multicasting a series of seminars.


14-16 September 1998 : ACM-MM, Bristol
Recent growth in those having useful access to the Internet has been matched by a significant improvement in the tools available for multimedia conferencing. The demonstration is of secure conferencing with the use of high quality audio, a multimedia server and a transcoding gateway.
30 November - 2 December 1998 : IST 98 Vienna
Information Society Technologies Conference & Exhibition
The outline programme includes an Investment Forum and features the 1998 European IT Prize Awards ceremony, a range of Austrian-themed events, a celebration of NetD@ys Europe, and the launch of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.
25-26 February 1999 : The Launch of TEN 155 at the launch of the Fifth Framework programme, Essen
The demonstration was visited by the German Federal Minister for Education and Research, Edelgard Bulmahn
Press release from TEN 155
7-10 June 1999 : TERENA-NORDUnet Networking Conference, Lund, Sweden
The Challenge of Gigabit Networking
MECCANO had a stand for demonstration. The project also participated in the Telematics for Research Open Seminar on the 8 June, presenting a progress report on the project after it's first year.
10 May 2000 : XVII World Telecommunications Congress incorporating ISS2000
Demonstrated secure conferencing using the Secure Conference Store (SCS) and the Multimedia Conference Recorder (MMCR).

Other events

5 June 1998 : HP Labs, Bristol
Demonstration of IP-multicast based videoconferencing during the official opening of new facilities at HP Labs. (screenshot)
27 July 1999 : UCL, London
Visit by the UK Secretary of State, Department of Trade and Industry. Parts of the event were multicast at 1 Mbps via a TEN-155 VPN link to INRIA and thence via the Eutelsat HOT BIRD satellite to those sites able to receive the transmissions.


The following software is produced and/or recommended by the project partners:
In certain cases, specific releases of some of these applications may form project deliverables.

The SuperJANET videoconferencing advisory service maintains a comprehensive list of Mbone conferencing tools which may be useful. A similar list is maintained in Germany.

Further information

Further information is available for project partners on the private web server. Alternatively, type your question here and a chatterbot will try to answer it:


MECCANO is a research and development project coordindated by University College London and supported by the European Commision Telematics Applications Programme, Research Sector, Project 4007. The opinions contained on this server do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commision. Please see or

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