(Evaluation Taxonomy for Networked multimedia Applications)

ETNA is an EPSRC-funded joint project between the Department of Computer Science at UCL and the Multimedia Communications Group at Glasgow University

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  • Rachel McEwan
  • Matthew Jackson
    Project description
    The ETNA project is carrying out research into establishing audio-visual quality requirements for a range of real-time multimedia applications. At the present time, there is little applicable knowledge in the human factors community as to the specific audio-visual requirements that different sorts of communicative tasks might demand. The perceptual boundaries for audio and video quality in multimedia communications have not been systematically investigated, and are likely to differ according to a specific task and the characteristics of the group of users undertaking this task. Not only is it the case that these factors have not been established, but there is also no sensible existing categorisation of the different types of tasks for which requirements should be determined. There is a need to develop a taxonomy where, apart from the task characteristics themselves, characteristics of the users or user groups, the systems through which applications and the services are delivered, and the environment in which users perform the tasks are also taken into account. Designers and implementers of multimedia communication systems would benefit greatly from access to such a taxonomy, where audio-visual quality guidelines appropriate to that category of application can be provided. The development of a taxonomy such as this would be invaluable to the networked multimedia academic community, providing a methodical framework against which new communication systems can be evaluated, and a central source to which new findings and knowledge can be added.   To this end, ETNA aims to: The project started in October 1998 and ran for two years

    Documents Produced (all in pdf format):

     Questionnaires that have been used to gather data for the ETNA project.

    Anna Watson's PhD Thesis (2001) (pdf)

     Anna Watson
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