Re: SLIP implementations

James Van Bokkelen (
Wed, 28 Dec 88 11:41:36 EST

More or less in the order they became available (at least in the order I
heard of them):

Free (source form, KA9Q is "no commercial use"):
        4bsd SLIP by Rick Adams (various versions, requires kernel rebuild)
        KA9Q by Phil Karn (DOS and maybe other little workstations)
        PC-IP from MIT/CMU/Harvard, for DOS PCs only.

        FTP Software's PC/TCP (applications & development for DOS PCs)
        cisco's terminal concentrator/gateway (many ports on a server)
        Encore's Annex terminal concentrator (ditto)
        Spider Systems' SysV Unix (source for OEMs, maybe sold other ways)
        Sun's PC/NFS (apps & libraries, also add-in modules for SunOS hosts)

This is all I am aware of, as of this moment. As far as I know, they all
interoperate (I know that we can talk to the 4bsd, cisco, Encore and Spider
implementations). Some vendors have added dial-in capability, but the 4bsd
version doesn't have it. RFC 1055 documents the basic protocol, and has
no mechanism for dynamic address assignment at startup (thus the need for
dial-up extensions).

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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