more routing problems?

Eliot Lear (agate!bionet!lear@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Dec 88 07:51:17 GMT

I *believe* I am having problems with ARPANET host/gateway,
which is listed as JVNCB.CSC.ORG, although JVNC believes this machine
to be named FORD-GATEWAY. As I speak, this machine will not answer
pings, nor am I able to route to net 128.6, which it is advertising.
I suspect that many other networks connected via JVNC are also out.

At this moment in time, I am unable to get to Brown, NJIT, or Stevens
from my ARPANET host.

I *am* able to reach (JVNCA.CSC.ORG). I tried contacting
the people there, but I have not received an answer.

Note: this problem is sporatic.

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